What makes someone "Highly Promotable


The best team member is the one who understands the business and the industry they’re in - and who is passionate about creating value that helps achieve organizational goals!

Successful companies are full of these people. People who are on a career advancement fast-track.


Why are these people so promotable?

Answer: Top performers become expert at every aspect of the work they do. They also openly and collaboratively share their strategy and best practices to help their team members along the way. This positive human investment (and the mutual support they receive from others) turns into organizational wins. Everyone loves a winning team! The people who most obviously help make “it” happen become highly promotable!


Some great examples

  • The sales person who transfers a group of smaller accounts to a colleague or peer to gain capacity to go after much higher revenue opportunities. The sales person stays engaged to facilitate a smooth transition, which creates value for the clients, her colleague, and the organization as a whole. The salesperson then better serves her larger clients, expands services to them, and gains additional revenue and referral business as a result.
  • The entry-level trainee who excels, but takes time to share a few expedience tips with his peers (rather than headlining himself and leaving the others in the dust).
  • The leading division manager who considers every team member a future leader and invests to make sure they are gaining job and leadership skills, as well as the opportunity for increased responsibility, along the way.


Talented terrors

Too often, people fear coworkers' or subordinates' success as a threat to their own position. The truth is that people who do not help others succeed, find that they themselves diminish in value to the organization. Too often, they become what is commonly referred to as a “talented terror”…a super skilled employee with a terrible attitude. Talented terrors have a substantial negative impact on everyone who works for or interacts with your organization. They are typically liberated from the team altogether at some point. 

Helping people find ways to increase the value of the work they do is one of the best ways an organization can invest in its team and in its future!



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