A powerful way to coach employees for top performance is to make sure they know exactly what they must accomplish in order to create the most value for the organization. It starts with the publication of the organization's top three goals. You can't hit a target you don't have. Clarity starts at the top. The next step is to make sure every team member knows why they on the team. Codify the agreement. We call it the BRAG Pact.


You are here because you are consistently credible, produce excellence, and are predictably awesome.


You are not here because of what you know. You are here because of your ability to make the enterprise reach its goals faster.


You contribute to the power of collective agreement, aligning your efforts to help the team win.


You set, stick to, and achieve "targeted" goals that align with overall enterprise goals.

And then make sure every team member knows the top three things he/she needs to achieve in order to create the most value for the organization, Those who achieve are worth more than those who don't.