What is Business Email Compromise?

Business email compromise (BEC) is a form of phishing that occurs when a cybercriminal impersonates a legitimate source to trick employees into wiring money, sharing sensitive information, or engaging in other compromising activities. Typically, the cybercriminals behind a BEC attack will send a legitimate-looking email requesting payment for a business purpose. In such instances, cybercriminals may pretend to be senior-level employees, suppliers, vendors, business partners, or other organizations.

Unlike more traditional phishing attacks that target a large group of individuals, BEC attacks are crafted to appeal to specific individuals – making them harder to detect and potentially more damaging. BEC is a threat that all businesses, regardless of size or industry, should take seriously.

Common BEC Attacks: 

Signs of BEC Attack 

Differentiating between legitimate business requests and BEC attacks can be difficult.

Here are some signs that an email is a BEC attack.

Protecting Against BEC 

BEC attacks can result in severe financial and reputational harm. Consider implementing the following cybersecurity practices to help reduce the risk for your organization.


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