2019 OSHA Log Electronic Filing Deadlines

OSHA now requires many employers to electronically submit injury and illness data directly to OSHA.

Penalties now apply for non-compliance. 

VANTREO offers a free simplified electronic claims filing and OSHA record-keeping tool. Just ask us about it.

Here are the Deadline Dates...

2016 data due now (deadline was December 15,2017)

2017 data due now (deadline was July 1, 2018)

2018 data due March 2, 2019

Who must comply?

SB 189 Work Comp Officer Exclusion Rules


Senate Bill 189, which becomes effective July 1, 2018, changes the definition of employee for purposes of workers compensation. The bill amends sections 3351 and 3352 of the California Labor Code and expands the scope of employees who are potentially eligible for exclusion from workers compensation coverage.

SB 189 Highlights for new and renewal CA policies effective on/after July 1

15 Key Reasons Why Business Insurance Claims Go Unpaid

Too often when a business insurance claim goes unpaid, the insurance agent gets fired by the insured. Sometimes an errors and omissions claim is made against the agency. Regardless of what comes down, the situation evokes fear, is time consuming and often expensive, and can irreparably damage relationships.

They say forewarned is forearmed. So we tracked down the most common reasons a business insurance claim is not paid.

15 Key Reasons Business Insurance Claims Go Unpaid


Top 10 Firestorm Insurance Lessons

The number one thing we learned from the 2017 Santa Rosa firestorm is that at least 50% of the fire victims were underinsured.

Below is a link to download a pdf list of the top ten things this fire taught us that every consumer should know before purchasing a Homeowners policy.