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We're in 4th quarter and most of us are time-starved. So here's a new opportunity to save time and dramatically improve your employee benefits results this year. It's also our way of gifting you and your team extra hours to enjoy the holidays!


VANTREO, a division of Acrisure, is committed to becoming the world's most Tech-Enabled Insurance Broker. That's important because it's enabling us to help you thrive in a digital-first, AI free up your time, lower costs, and increase your organization's profit and EBITDA. 


To that end, we've introduced our own, proprietary, technology-enabled employee benefits quoting, renewal, and presentation platform. This exclusive platform is supported by a more evolved service model that exponentially increases the value we're creating for our clients every day in their businesses. Together, we refer to our approach as BenefitsRX.

If you're an existing VANTREO client, this new technology is automatically being incorporated in your renewal process with us. We appreciate our relationship with you and are committed to continually creating value and being a great partner! . If we can answer a question or help you in any way, just let us know.


If you are new to VANTREO, let me further explain...



How does this new benefits technology lower costs?


1. It surveys the insurance market instantly. We're not only able to deliver renewal information, in minutes, that used to take days but, as we meet with you, the technology is accessing just about every benefits insurance carrier and the plans each offers (medical, dental, vision, etc), and stands by ready to instantly make just about any comparison you need.


2. It turns hours and days into minutes. Our partnership with you enhances as our benefits consultants customize and demonstrate alternatives with you, one-on-one, online, in real-time. Why wait?.. when you can access critical information, produced in a highly presentable format, that's immediately available for senior management or board decisions.


3. It delivers an enhanced, remote-friendly, experience. COVID-19 has significantly impacted the tradition of putting insurance professionals at a client worksite during open enrollment. COVID has accelerated, via Zoom and other online meeting platforms, the intimacy between us and our clients in the fact that they've welcomed us into their homes and shared, for better or worse, kids screaming or dogs barking. Many people have transitioned to more informal, online working relationships. We've been able to capitalize on this digital online era to successfully reduce client and employee concerns of having third parties at their worksite premises. At the same time, we're actually enhancing their open enrollment experience!

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Do I have to change insurance brokers?

Well. there are two answers to this question...:


1. No. VANTREO offers our lightning-fast employee benefits market survey and real-time collaboration at no cost to you. It's a way of introducing ourselves while providing big value customized to you that you can implement with your existing insurance relationship.  A broker change is not required.


2. Yes...but, again, not to experience the benefits of our instant market survey and customization technology (a broker change is not needed for that), but the answer is "yes", if you decide you want to permanently leverage time and access the benefits of the deeper platform.  


But there's no need to change brokers now. It makes much more sense to just check out the complimentary customized market survey. It's easy...


What information do you need in order to prepare my market survey?


Simply send us your current employee benefits census and a copy of a recent monthly insurance billing for each coverage line you want us to check out. We'll take it from there and schedule a Zoom meeting to deliver the results to you. Just reply to and upload the documents. Or call us at 1-800-967-6543 ext 230.

We look forward to meeting you and promise to provide you with information of considerable value!