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Human Resources (HR) is the linchpin to managing not only healthcare but just about every aspect of the most important asset of any company, its employees. HR teams across the country are relied on to handle more and more responsibilities. Easing that burden is the key to success.

According to a recent Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, HR administrators said that the complexity of benefits was significant – with 8% saying their benefits have low complexity, 33% moderate complexity and 59% report high complexity.

The highest priority, however, is "advocacy"...people want to know that they have professional expertise readily available to help them navigate health care challenges when they need it.

So to ease the burden, simplify the process, and empower a world class benefits experience.

Check out our Top 5 Health Benefits Solutions...

Chapter One
Control Costs

Key Factors

  • Strong professional advocacy
  • Robust technology platform
  • Engaging educational services

"Awareness" Fuels Cost Reduction

At the risk of over-simplifying an extremely complicated subject, "awareness" is key to helping control health benefits costs. Awareness empowers us to make better decisions. It gives us confidence and courage to do things we might have thought impossible.

For example, learn how to live healthy ...and increase the odds of living longer and spending less on healthcare.

Perhaps, learn how to use a Health Saving Account, fund a large HSA deductible...and eliminate financial anxiety when a health emergency arises.

Education fuels awareness. It's required at all levels of the organization, medical community and government.

VANTREO brokers play a vital role in providing the awareness and support that employers need to educate employees about their benefits. And with our political awareness, benefits technology, and bilingual capabilities, we continue to provide leading professional expertise and support to employers when it comes to cost reduction benefits strategies.

Chapter Two
Maximize Technology

According to a recent survey from Aflac, half of employees spend 30 minutes or less making benefit selections during open enrollment each year. This means employers have a short window of time to educate employees and make sure they're armed with the right information to feel confident in their benefit selection.

  • Paperless
  • Improves communication
  • Gain instant access to your data
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Unlimited reporting capability
  • Simplifies benefit administration
  • Streamlines employee management
  • Eligibility tracking for hourly employees
  • Set-up stability and administrative periods
  • Easily track hours during measurement periods
  • Quickly identify eligible employees
  • Track and categorize your employees
  • Import health plan enrollment data
  • Calculate affordability & your monthly FTE
  • VANTREO generates your 1094-C and 1095-C
  • Easy access to HR information
  • Intuitive benefit enrollment
  • Significant other can see/share in decisions
  • Paperless on-boarding
  • Employee 24/7 self-service
  • Live expertise readily available
  • Multi-lingual (site translates into 26 languages)
  • Plan Summaries
  • Plan Documents
  • Provider Directories
  • Pharmacy/Laboratory Locations
  • Rx information
  • Employee Directories
  • Company Forms & Resources

1.  Eliminates redundant data entry

  • manages injury data while simultaneously completing OSHA logs
  • automatically populates customizable trending reports
  • manages work comp in all 50 states

2.  Tracks results in real time

  • easily indentifies loss sources
  • drives down incidents, claims and losses
  • supports a safety-first culture
  • eliminates fraud and exaggerated claims

3.  Includes OSHA resources & training

  • accesses thousands of safety resources
  • complies with Federal/State requirements
  • automates your safety training program
"Maximize technology to save time and win talent."

To do this effectively, HR needs to move pass brochures, handouts, lengthy employee packets and paper applications and look for ways to meet employees where they live... online.

With VANTREO, your benefits program comes wrapped in easy technology that not only simplifies HR onboarding and benefits administration, manages ACA compliance, and includes unlimited reporting capability, but this technology also offers a digital experience that employees actually enjoy.

Let us know if you'd like to check it out.

Chapter Three
Satisfy Diverse Benefit Expectations

The workforce now includes people living a wide variety of lifestyles. There are more single women than ever. Same-sex marriages are increasingly common. Careers are lasting longer, and many people have several careers in a lifetime. This diverse mix of people represents new realities for employers.

Yes, employees are more diverse than ever before and they want to be recognized as the unique, multidimensional, and "whole" people that they are.

Here's what they want from their employer-sponsored benefit plan...

Broader and Tailored

Broader & Tailored

A broader definition of benefits that are more tailored to their needs.

Accessible and Clear

Accessible & Clear

More accessible benefits expertise and a clear explanation of benefits.

Simple Process

Simple Process

A simplified enrollment and engagement experience.


As employees have a broader, clearer understanding, they can make choices that better fit their needs. And with a simplified process, employees are able to discover the immense value of their benefits. As a result, their appreciation can enhance their loyalty and commitment to their company.

We are here to help provide the experience that satisfies both you and your team.

Chapter Four
Empower Work/Life Wellness

A recent MetLife employee benefits study reported that today's employees put increased focus on happiness at work. Personal well-being and satisfaction can be as important as the numbers on their paycheck. To that end, employees look to employers to help safeguard them against work-life stress, anxiety and to provide wellbeing programs that reward healthy behavior (even if the employer does not pay for them).

The first step to empowering wellness in company culture is to survey the team for input. People participate in something they are a part of. Then we create a blueprint related to what will be included and how it will be implemented and maintained. We launch and then monitor and evaluate the results for value. Culture is not static, it's a journey.

Our wellness launch communicates the following...

  1. What the program entails
  2. How the program works
  3. What's in it for them
  4. Ways to get involved

Success occurs as people adapt to the "new and evolving" culture of healthier living.

Key questions to ask

Once launched, here are the key questions to ask along the way...

  1. Are we teaching people how to be well?
  2. Is the program voluntary and not forced?
  3. Does leadership demonstrate commitment and support for the plan?
  4. Does it promote mastery? Do participants have an opportunity to grow, learn and be challenged to get better at something?
  5. Does it help people have a great sense of purpose?

Participation is voluntary.

Wellness plans may be included in health insurance programs or stand alone. These plans may include, but are not limited to tobacco cessation, exercise, weight management, or other behavior modification programs.

While participation in wellness programs is voluntary, employers may offer incentives for participation or even disincentives for non-participation.

Chapter Five
Manage Regulatory Compliance

The easiest way to stay in regulatory compliance with the Affordable Care Act is through technology. Eligibility tracking, employee changes, open enrollment, and even employee self-service capabilities are easily done online.

Manage and Automate HR, Benefits, and ACA Compliance

With VANTREO, your benefits program comes wrapped in technology that not only simplifies HR on-boarding and benefits administration, manages ACA compliance, and includes unlimited reporting capability, but this technology also offers a digital experience that employees actually enjoy.

Not only that, but since our online capabilities are embedded in our service program the platform comes at no additional cost to you.


Employment Practices

Employment Practices

Prevent illegal employment acts through a unique combination of online and live expert resources and tools.

Safety and OSHA

Safety and OSHA

Enter an incident once to submit the First Report of Injury form, prepopulate OSHA logs and run customizable trending reports.

ACA Reporting

ACA Reporting

Easy online ACA simplification. Plus, VANTREO can generate the 1094-C and 1095-C forms for your organization at pricing significantly less than most payroll vendors.