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The most successful companies have very specific attributes in common. If incorporated, these attributes can increase the value of any business because they create advantage over the competition that consumers are happy to pay for!  We share these attributes here as a guideline on where to focus organizational energy.

7 Ways To Accelerate Business Value

7. Cultural Environment – Create an environment so magnetic that A-level workers want to come to your company and want to bring their friends.

6. Innovation – Step beyond the status quo and lead your industry with creativity. This mindset becomes your identity.

5. Revenue Streams – Revenue does not have to be defined in linear terms only. Diversifications can add new revenue and profits by utilizing some of the same overhead structure and costs that you are already paying for with existing operations.

4. Distribution Channels – A well-established logistical network quickly moves products or services from your organization to the customer. Whether through enhanced vendors the more advanced and cost-efficient your network, the more valuable it is.

3. Branding and Public Identification – People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Are you telling the right story to the right people? Good branding does.

2. Ability to Replicate and Scale – Document and track your processes so that any employee can perform them and the metrics are measurable. Then leverage those processes to increase revenue with diminishing incremental costs.

1. Power to Change Lives – Use your company’s social consciousness crossover as a way to both change the conversation around an issue and to translate value to your income statement as a goodwill add-on valuation factor.

The 7 attributes listed here come from the book “Rings of Value – Run Your Business Every Day Like It’s For Sale” by VANTREO Principal and CFO, Tim Beglin, CPA. We encourage every VANTREO team member to read it to, not only, increase business savvy, but to align our team as VANTREO grows.

To learn the “rest of the story”, check out Rings of Value here.


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