There is a tremendous leadership shortage in the world today.

Most people can follow a basic workflow to get a job done but as soon as the work involves getting the job gets done by others, the number of qualified candidates begins to drop even though supervisory work typically pays more (see Human Capital Supply & Demand exhibit). 

Taking it beyond supervision, people who can reinvent the work (make it better, easier, faster, or more profitable) help drive organization growth and profit. This added ability creates significantly more value for the organization. Leaders who are also reinventors are in high demand.

Think of it like a big “leadership demand” vacuum nozzle at the top of any successful organization…the need is constant, and as people are able to achieve goals at higher levels, the intense suction pulls them closer to the top of the org chart.

The leadership shortage (high demand) and lack of sufficiently qualified leaders (low supply) is reflected in the compensation packages provided to those who truly “can pull it off”.

There’s opportunity in every challenge.

Leadership is all about creating increased value at every stage of our careers. The work we do related to a 5 or 10-person team will not create the results needed for a 100, 200 or 500-person firm and beyond. Entrepreneurs who birth a successful company often lack the leadership skills needed to scale the organization 10X.

Having the courage to lead is not enough. When we agree to lead a team without the understanding and expertise needed to do so, we risk stumbling, even derailing the organization.

People who are prepared to lead, however, often create value that would have been impossible without them. And they attract and retain others who are prepared to do the same.

The information needed to acquire additional leadership ability at just about any career stage is out there and abundant. According to Google, there are more than 15,000 books on leadership in print.

Interested in solving a leadership shortage?

Check out the full article Solving the Leadership Shortage to learn the three areas of leadership ability to master for organizational promotion and three key leadership resources to help you get there.

Source: #1 Management Alignment Tool 


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