How Irresistible Customer Service Depends on a Systematic Plan


Lunching in this San Francisco city view restaurant is like taking a vacation in the middle of the day.

A waiter places a bowl of lobster bisque in front of me. I love lobster bisque but this looks like a piece of art in a bowl. One spoonful and I've entered a whole new realm of culinary class presentation, taste, and fluffy bits of lobster like the special prize in every bowl.

Two seconds later, almost as if it had been choreographed, a second waiter delivers a hot crisp popover and a small dish of strawberry butter. Oh man! Now they've got my attention... I look around.

Not only is the place absolutely beautiful, but there's a line of people waiting to be seated that goes out the door. A young man kneeling by one of the window seats is proposing marriage to his lady! Nearby, there's a group of women celebrating a birthday.

I'm thinking, "This restaurant gets it. Like Apple or Disney, they understand that success requires a systematic plan.

When it comes to irresistible customer service, it takes more than smiles, and a willingness to serve. Irresistible comes when the entire organization (people, place, and process) is built for the specific purpose of wowing customers. That's where you find growth and profit. Any business can do it and yet too many just don't.

People aren't crazy about paying for many things. But they will invest generously in incredible experiences, ideas, systems, products and/or services to help them get where they want to go (whether it’s for more money, better health, relaxation or pure pleasure).

When we understand what a client does and wants, we can bring solutions to challenges they may not even know they have. Like escaping for a quick, yet amazing, culinary experience versus grabbing lunch.

Envision a world class business outcome…like Steve Jobs did when he envisioned the Mac or the iPhone. Then back-into the work flow required to consistently and flawlessly deliver it…just like Walt Disney did when he created Disneyland.

Leadership ability pulls it all together. It's the glue that bonds people, place and process to create world-class experience. The ability to coach, encourage and inspire people to pull off our “WOW work flow” is definitely in short supply and therefore highly sought after and valuable.

We make more money when we create more value that consumers are willing to pay for.

This month let’s look for ways to take our WOW-ability up a notch.Let’s audit a work flow critical to the team’s success and read “Leadershift” John Maxwell’s new leadership best seller.

Perhaps begin over a bowl of lobster bisque?

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