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Online searches for information on civil unrest have surged in the past few weeks. It makes sense. When the potential for protest related to political, social, economic, environmental  or law enforcement issues is high, so is the risk of riot, vandalism, and civil unrest…unrest that can threaten employees, disrupt business operations, and damage property. 

If you are concerned about how to plan for and respond to a civil unrest event, we’re here to support you. There are 5 resource links included in this blog ….

1.  Best Practices - Civil Unrest Planning Checklist – There is no better way to manage important planning considerations than through a checklist. This 2-page, 37 item, accountability list was created to specifically reduce the risks associated with civil unrest.

2.  Protecting Your Business During Civil Unrest – This is a report contributed by Chubb Commercial, one of our top insurance carrier partners, that shares the 4 actions to take.

3.  5 Steps to Protect Your Vacant Business Premises - Vacant buildings are particularly vulnerable to damage during periods of civil unrest—and with the temporary closure of many offices and stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic, even more facilities than usual may be vacant. In addition, in times of civil unrest, first responders can be spread thin and may not be able to provide protection. This report outlines the steps to take to help limit damage to vacant premises.

4.  Insurance Considerations for Riots, Vandalism & Civil Unrest – this communication provides an overview of the insurance coverage, important coverage considerations, and best claim practices to consider in the event your business suffers a loss.

5.  5 Steps for Creating a Business Continuity Plan – A business continuity plan provides a framework for returning things to normal following a disaster. It is a key tool in protecting business revenues, company reputation, in recovering costs, and for protecting people’s lives. This communication touches on disaster preparedness, emergency response, and business recovery to pre-disaster levels.

As part of preparing your business for any major disruption—including civil unrest—make sure you coordinate with local law enforcement and public safety officials. Also, be ready to make quick adjustments to your operations. Flexibility can pay off in protecting your business and speeding your recovery.


VANTREO is here to help. Taking care of our communities, our clients, and our team members is a fundamental part of who we are. If you would like more information on insurance or risk management for Riot, Vandalism & Civil Unrest, or need our assistance in any way, just let us know. Call us at 1-800-967-6543 or Reply here...and please stay safe!