Total team alignment is the idea that the entire team from the most entry-level employees to the CEO share a common vision and goal for the company. They work collaboratively to accomplish each goal while maintaining a sense of transparency and accountability across departments.

2020 has been a mental test of fortitude for all of us. It massively shifted our “normal”…we’re living with masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing, illness, and death. Many of us are both shut-in and shutdown.

And yet, COVID-19 is also creating the greatest opportunity ever imaginable right now!  Why?

Because COVID has created “challenge” for pretty much everyone…a boatload of challenge.  At VANTREO, we have a sign on the wall which says “Opportunity lies in every challenge.”

As Americans become resigned to the new world “normal”, consumer depression and the impact of economic reckoning has them fearful. However, challenge and adversity are fuel for entrepreneurs. New problems, new challenges, that we, as business people, are in a unique position to solve are a gift.

2021 brings with it tremendous opportunity to strengthen and align our teams to successfully address just about any challenge.

Last Thursday, VANTREO launched its first virtual Extreme Performance workshop. Attendance was double that of our live events! The participants were business owners, C-suite executives, and business leaders attending from across the country. It’s a 1-hour workshop focused on delivering world-class insight on how to pick up from 2020 and move a team into stealth mode for 2021.

Due to its popularity we have scheduled (3) more Extreme Performance dates for you to consider…December 17, January 7, and January 21. 

Imagine, people equipped, in just 1 hour, with the leadership strategy and alignment formula to achieve your organizations highest priority goals!

Join us for a fast-paced, high-value event!   Extreme Performance 2021 Registration

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