When our clients tell us something is "recommendable", we are compelled to share. This system for COVID-19 employee tracking appears to be quite popular...simple, automated, affordable.


Here's a quick overview...  

1.  Employees receive a daily text - Every employee is asked by daily text message to confirm they are free of exposure and symptoms. The text wording is simple and asks them to reply Yes or No. With a Yes response (meaning there has been exposure or symptoms), the employee is advised not to go to work and invited to speak to a telehealth physician to find out how he/she can be cleared to return.

2.  Data posts to Employer's Wellness Tracking Dashboard -  As the employees check in each day, their responses are posted to the wellness tracking dashboard, by location or division, so managers can view responses and connect with employees who have not checked in or who have posted symptoms

3. Work clearance telehealth appointments are automatically set - Where symptoms or exposure is noted, employees receive a link via text message to a telehealth work clearance appointment site.  

4.  Physicians update the employer's Wellness Tracking Dashboard -  All physician responses are tracked on an employer wellness tracking dashboard. This gives HR leadership, at each location, real time access to employee wellness data. Daily reporting supports state requirements.

5.  Cleared Employees receive a color-coded QR code by text - This code is submitted for inspection at the workplace reception or security.

6.  The daily self-certification process is ongoing until the virus hazard lessens - The need for this service is assessed monthly. The service is provided on a monthly basis and can be easily discontinued without penalty.

The financial investment to implement this efficient tracking solution is typically $1 to $3 per employee, per month, depending on workforce size, plus $90 for each telehealth physician clearance. There may also be additional cost for COVID testing. Some costs may be covered by insurance.

If you're interested, it's definitely worth checking out the demo. Just reply here