The world of business in undergoing a major shift.

Increasingly, companies are choosing to incorporate “social and environmental impact” into their business model…a model that purposely supports people, the community, and the environment through the act of doing business.

Consumers just love it!  Over 66% are willing to spend more for goods and services that have a positive impact on social and environmental issues. 79% of millennials consider sustainability commitment when deciding where to work. 


Well, we don’t have to become a B-Corp to use business as a force for good in the world. But we do need to understand the B-Corp model.  Check-out this powerful 3-MIN B-Corp video.

Social and environmental impact requires actively changing the way we do business. The focus broadens from being the best in the world to also being the best for the world.

 So how does an insurance agency become a force for social and environmental good?

VANTREO is one of a very few insurance-related B-Corps in the world. If you do business with us, or refer business to us, you’re familiar with our strong insurance and risk expertise. We work hard to stay at the top of your “most trusted” list.  

 VANTREO is also a change-maker.  Here are a few of the things we do differently:

1. Champion the remote workforce. Digitized workflows allow us to hire top talent located just about anywhere. About 46% of our workforce works remotely. Remote working results in people who are engaged, cleaner air, and, being paperless, saves trees.

2. Offer self-service. Online dashboard technology delivers 24/7 access to insurance policies, documents and certificates in 3 mins, real time OSHA logs, etc.  All immediately backed by live expertise when needed.

3. Provide transparency. We share financial goals and progress with our team. Career performance is aligned with organizational objectives and managed collaboratively.

4. Eliminate work related injury.  An important part of what we do eliminates work-related injury and saves lives. We help stop work comp claims and invasive injury costs. (Check out

5. Locate in energy efficient buildings. VANTREO offices are purposefully located in “green certified” buildings. We support a healthy environment for all.

6. Give back to those in need. VANTREO invests a portion of our revenues to make sure that children, whose parents can’t afford it, receive critically needed dental care.

7. Pay it forward. VANTREO contributes education, technology, and brokerage services in strong support of our clients’ social and environmental objectives .

Questions? Just let us know. We are here to help. Reply here or call us at 800-967-6543 ext 222.