True “insurance” in life requires living responsibly…and yet, too many Americans allow their digital and personal freedoms to place them, the people around them, and the planet at risk.

Join VANTREO, and the amazing businesses we work with, to protect people and the earth by investing socially and environmentally when it comes to insurance.

Here are 5 simple, “insurance-responsible” behaviors that each of us can adopt for the greater good.

1. Stay focused when driving.    Self-manage exposure to anything that could distract you physically, mentally or emotionally when driving…starting with cell phone use.

2. Buy paperless insurance.    Choose electronic over paper…access policies, certificates, auto ID cards, and claims info via digital dashboard. Hold a virtual meeting. Pay premiums online.

3. Carry adequate limits. Prepare to be a part of the solution when disaster strikes. Well-considered insurance coverage with ample limits is gold in a catastrophe. It speeds up recovery and fuels solutions.

4. Work safely and protect others. Accidents don’t “just happen”. Every job can be done safely. Commit to having a deep understanding of safety related to the work you do. Be a safety leader.

5. Live legally respectful.  Common sense is not enough in today’s work world. The law requires that we invest in state-mandated education on what it takes to be “legally” respectful at work and in life.  

In short… Insurance. Responsibly. Together.

We protect the planet and the people in it when, together, we adopt insurance responsible behaviors!

The Simple 5 is a start.  Let us know if you are on board. Give us your thoughts.

We are here to help.  VANTREO delivers tech-driven insurance services backed by live expertise. We are a certified B-Corp, committed to “being not just the best in the world but also in being the best for the world”. We provide the education, digital services, and the risk reduction and insurance expertise to help you successfully adopt every one of the Simple 5 initiatives.

Just let us know how to begin a conversation with you. Reply here or call us at
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