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Even Small Nonprofits Carry Big Risks

Nonprofit organizations are some of the most intricate and complicated businesses to properly insure due to their varied and unique operations. In addition to standard coverages found in a package policy, we include some of the most important and often overlooked areas of insurance coverage for nonprofit organizations.

Think about nonprofit thrift shops raising funds to support schools or social service organizations. A paid manager position requires workers' compensation and possible employee benefits while volunteer groups are exposed to injuries on a daily basis as they lift, carry, and shelve items for sale. Shoppers also face risks, including products that may cause harm or loss.

Typical Nonprofit Insurance Includes Specific Coverages for Unique Needs:

(Note special insurance coverage explanations below.)

  • Workers Compensation
  • Employee benefits
  • Abuse and Molestation
  • Vehicle exposures
  • Volunteer accident coverages
  • Professional Liability
  • Building & Personal Property
  • Business Income Protection
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Special Events With Liquor Liability
  • General Liability protection
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Cyber Liability


Optional Coverage Tailored to Your Specific Needs

  • Historic buildings
  • Solar structures
  • Green building upgrades


Important Specialty Coverage Explanations

Abuse and Molestation: Protects insured from claims of client abuse or molestation by employees or a third party such as a volunteer.

Volunteer accident coverage: Most workers’ compensation policies do not cover any injuries sustained by volunteers. Many nonprofits want to provide at least a minimal amount of coverage for injury or illnesses that volunteers may incur while volunteering for their organization.

Professional Liability: Many nonprofits, such as religious organizations, crisis centers, or schools, engage in counseling and providing advice to the general public. These types of professional services are typically not covered under a general liability and property package policy. Therefore, a nonprofit may need professional services liability coverage to protect the organization from lawsuits.

Directors and Officers protection: Serving on the board of a nonprofit can be financially risky for each and every board member. The corporate status of a nonprofit typically does NOT protect board members from liability from lawsuits brought by the general public. A separate nonprofit Directors and Officers policy is needed to protect one’s personal assets while serving on the board.

Special Events With Liquor Liability coverage: Most nonprofits survive financially by conducting a variety of fundraisers. Many charity activities such as silent auctions, sporting events, banquets, or holiday celebrations, are NOT covered under a typical package policy. Nonprofits need to make sure their insurance policy has coverage for each type of special event, and if needed, the coverage should include liquor liability whether the nonprofit is serving the alcohol or uses a bartender.

Business Income Protection: Since most nonprofits rely on donations for income, getting business income coverage right is crucial. Attention should be given to the potential loss of donations from damage to reputation, decrease of government funds, or donors not fulfilling pledges.

Cyber Liability and data theft coverage: Cyber liability and data theft coverage should be a huge concern for nonprofits. When a nonprofit collects funds via credit cards, it carries a risk of potentially large cyber liability claims. For example, if a nonprofit has a place on its website to collect credit card information for donations, the nonprofit becomes liable for any type of breach of credit card information whether it is hosted in “the cloud” or processed by the credit card company.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): This will protect the organization from claims such as wrongful termination, failure to hire, discrimination of race, sex or gender, and sexual harassment. Due to the large number of volunteers that many nonprofits use, this becomes another critical coverage.

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Risk Management Services:

  • Support for self-insured operations
  • Human Resources support
  • Contract reviews (for insurance provisions)
  • Loss control and ergonomics support
  • Legislative compliance
  • Claims management office support
  • HR organization onboarding and benefits administration technology
  • Management training on insurance, leadership, safety, compliance, and goal setting
  • On-demand insurance documents, workers comp claim reporting, OSHA logs, and auto ID cards
  • Corporate education – learn through live training, virtual training, and webinars
  • Bi-lingual services


Unexpected Losses Can Occur Quickly

The recent fires in Sonoma and Napa counties brought to light the heartache of uninsured or underinsured loss that can strike nonprofit organizations as well as commercial businesses or industries. Comprehensive, well-considered insurance with ample limits is "gold" when a catastrophic property or related loss occurs, including physical risks to a customer group, employees, or individuals volunteering in the organization's service.

We specialize in building proper risk management and insurance programs to help strengthen nonprofit organizations. An experienced VANTREO agent can help determine the best combination of policies to cover the risks related to your organization's particular service endeavors. Our agent can present the best insurance policies in the industry for nonprofit organizations to your officers and discuss what each provides, including an umbrella policy for extra financial protection.

Protect the Heartfelt Services Your Organization Provides With Nonprofit Insurance

Our nonprofit insurance products offer security from all the special risks you may face. The services or products nonprofit organizations furnish may make them as vulnerable to property damage incidents, general liability, and customer-related grievances as those commercial businesses, industries or organizations face. Our agent can show you nonprofit insurance solutions that protect your organization against unique property, liability, and auto risks with the best-customized insurance policies for the complete financial protection of nonprofit resources.

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