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Manufacturing businesses face unique risks beyond the typical issues most enterprises must control. Learn about the specialized protection and business services VANTREO brings to help eliminate insurance claims and protect manufacturing businesses as they evolve and grow. 

From raw material to finished product, we offer a strategic approach to help our clients grow their manufacturing business, profit from our specialized services, and improve cash flow. Call VANTREO today at 800.967.6543 for insurance solutions that meet your manufacturing insurance needs. Let us review your risks, protect your manufacturing resources, provide a quote, and help you find an agent.


Navigate the Changing Landscape of Manufacturing

Like the world itself, the manufacturing industry exhibits potent and lively energy that drives change at full throttle. Just when you think your manufacturing business has reached its peak of knowledge and ingenious achievement, someone invents a creative process or discovers an unknown synthetic substance that turns conventional manufacturing operations upside down.


Opportunity in Every Challenge

From the global economy and international finance to climate change and the COVID pandemic, manufacturers face increased risks and new opportunities each day. The secret is to make the most of favorable circumstances and help protect against emerging hazards.


Constant Innovations

Many people believe that if you're not moving forward, you're going backward. Along with the quest to cut costs, this keeps inventive individuals on the move to find new manufacturing solutions. Every day brings fresh ideas to the manufacturing industries.


Evolving Technology

If you think your phone or tablet goes out of date quickly, try to keep up with the latest in robotics or CNC programs. From online financial companies to sophisticated manufacturing equipment utilizing the latest technology, new solutions crop up daily and myriad risks accompany them.


Advanced Methods and Game-Changing Materials

Advanced manufacturing production processes have catapulted manufacturers from the past century into the next decades and far beyond. From metals to plastic and everything in between, the search goes on for components and programs to cut manufacturing costs for commercial companies.


Future Transformations

We are just witnessing the beginning of the manufacturing business revolution. It is only the most visionary manufacturers and their employees who can imagine what the future holds for the industry. Nobody can claim to totally understand where technology is heading, but we will undoubtedly see even more changes related to its development with every passing year.


Increased Risks

The downside, of course, is that manufacturers experience ever-new risks to their business, property, employees, and customers. As manufacturers deal with current and future innovations, they require insurance products that offer real solutions for an evolving commercial industry. They need an insurance company that will not only help protect them from the risk of future claims but also provide solutions to manage those industry risks.


Prepare for the Unexpected and the Unimaginable

The recent fires in Sonoma and Napa counties, along with news reports of hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes, have brought to light the heartache of uninsured or underinsured loss. A comprehensive, well-considered insurance policy with ample limits is "gold" when a catastrophic property loss or casualty occurs. 

Natural disasters are on the increase, and the need for adequate business insurance coverage from an experienced and reliable insurance company has never been greater. VANTREO can customize an insurance policy for your company that is underwritten at a reasonable cost with your best interests in mind.


You Don't Just Need a Policy, You Need a Partner

We specialize in building the proper risk management and insurance program to help strengthen manufacturing businesses. This means we don't stop with just selling you an insurance policy, but the experts at our insurance company search your business from the bottom up for liability and casualty risks related to your property, employees, products, and customers.

We not only help you identify each risk and provide insurance coverage against it but also recommend expert solutions your company and employees can carry out to manage, minimize and prevent it. From recommending personal safety training and providing specialized guidance to evaluating machinery operations and your business product liabilities, we work with your company all the way to minimize claims.


We Furnish Coverage Manufacturers Require for Their Property, Products, and Workers

When you consider the insurance needs of your company, one of the first categories that probably comes to mind is the huge investment you have in your manufacturing facility, equipment, materials, and stock, as well as your income and prime selling times. Your company property and income require a variety of coverages:

  • Machinery and equipment
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Personal property
  • All-risk coverage for raw materials through the finished product
  • Stock covered at the selling price
  • Transit coverage
  • Off-site storage
  • Business income
  • Peak season coverage


Another vital area where your company needs insurance coverage against unexpected financial loss is liability insurance. This not only includes any claim an injured customer or employee might make but also claims against items you manufacture:

  • General liability insurance
  • Umbrella/excess exposure
  • Commercial auto/auto fleet protection
  • Product liability
  • Product recall


Most states require a manufacturing company to provide workers compensation insurance for all the workers in the company. Employees are entitled to coverages regardless of the service they perform for the business:

  • Workers compensation
  • Employee benefits


Obtaining good business insurance protection for the manufacturing industry is vital to the success of your business. You also want to find an agent who can assist you with customized coverage of business auto insurance to protect the truck and auto fleet used at your company. At VANTREO, a specialized insurance agent can review your business operations and risks and recommend appropriate underwriting to cut the casualty insurance costs for your business.


We Tailor Optional Coverage to Your Specific Needs

Our insurance company can also provide several optional insurance solutions, depending on your individual financial needs. These may range from various types of liability insurance to assistance with your human resources responsibilities. Our insurance company agent is happy to get a quote for you on any of these insurance products:

  • Stock Throughput – All risk, worldwide coverage for your product
  • Director’s and Officer’s Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Privacy, Data Breach Coverage
  • Foreign exposures
  • Human Resources support
  • HR onboarding
  • Employee Benefits administration technology


We Provide Risk Management Services To Reduce Claims

In addition to meeting the insurance needs of your business, VANTREO also provides amazing services, such as risk management strategies, insurance cost reduction solutions, and claim prevention plans, to help you cut the cost of your business operations. Whether it is assisting with claims or providing specialized training, we offer a number of helpful services:

  • Support for self-insured operations
  • Contract reviews for insurance provisions
  • Loss control support
  • Risk management programs
  • Premium costs control plans
  • Legislative compliance
  • Claims Prevention and management support
  • Management training on insurance, leadership, safety, compliance, and goal setting
  • On-demand customer service portal
  • Corporate education, including live training, virtual training, and webinars
  • Bi-lingual services


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