Automatic protection. Warp speed administration. 

When you choose VANTREO as your commercial real estate insurance broker, you are provided with a unique team of commercial property experts specifically trained to bring you world-class coverage, pricing advantages, and administrative services not available elsewhere.

VANTREO has been active in real estate risk management for over 20 years. We currently insure billions of dollars in commercial real estate values. As a real estate specialist located in California, most of our portfolio owners are in California, but many have properties located across the nation and the world.

The recent fires in Sonoma and Napa counties have brought to light the heartache of uninsured or underinsured loss. Comprehensive, well-considered insurance with ample limits is gold when a catastrophic loss occurs. 

Precise Commercial Property Coverage

We specialize in building proper risk management and insurance programs to help strengthen real estate businesses. Few insurance brokers understand the commercial property insurance administration, contractual protection, coverage issues, customer service, and special claims issues and support unique to a property management-based program.

A One-Stop Resource

Our location in California, one of the most litigious states in the country, has its advantages. Understanding how to thrive here has not only served our clients well but also brings you tough real estate insurance expertise in these areas:

  • Every kind of real estate insurance
  • Master insurance programs for multiple locations
  • Contract wording assistance
  • Subcontractor insurance requirements
  • Specialized administrative services
  • Affordable Care Act solutions for employee benefits
  • Private client personal insurance programs


Master Commercial Real Estate Insurance Programs

With a master insurance program from Vantreo, you can achieve considerable commercial property insurance savings. Use economies of scale to obtain automatic commercial building insurance coverages, services, and pricing significantly superior to what is available on an individual building basis. This simple commercial insurance concept truly becomes a property insurance coverage understatement when you consider what business insurance products can be — but often are not — included in a master insurance program: 

1.  Blanket Property Limits – Building property insurance, business personal property, and loss of rents coverage are no longer limited to individual amounts per building or per location. This reduces continuing concern over carrying adequate commercial property insurance limits.

2.  Broader Protection, Higher Liability Limits – The general liability coverage available under a master insurance program is in most cases significantly higher and affords better protection to both the property manager and the building owner than what would be available on an individual location basis.

3.  Supplemental Coverages – Purchased for all commercial property locations together, additional coverage such as earthquake, flood, pollution/environmental insurance, green coverages, tenant discrimination, or professional liability become more available and affordable.

4.  Pricing – Given today’s competitive leasing market, the overall commercial property insurance cost per square foot must be affordable. A master program creates economies of scale and rate advantages unheard of on a stand-alone commercial property insurance policy basis.


Specialized Administrative Services

VANTREO offers commercial real estate owners and small businesses superior customer support, managerial assistance, and risk control services:

  1. World-class claims advocacy
  2. Tenant and Vendor Certificate of Insurance tracking
  3. Tenant premium billing and collection
  4. Insurance summaries for program participants
  5. Customized analysis and historical reports
  6. Earthquake Insurance RiskMeter Report for each location
  7. Lease analysis
  8. Lender insurance negotiation
  9. Electronic OSHA logs and recording
  10. Human resource & employee benefits assistance
  11. Workers' Compensation claim coaching
  12. On-Demand Client Dashboard and Administration System


Do You Know What Types of Property Coverage You Need?

Many business property owners underestimate their real estate risk and insurance needs. Our commercial property insurance brokers examine each client’s unique situation, carefully considering factors such as location, contractual obligations, and the probability of loss. That in-depth knowledge allows us to guide you toward the coverage you need and the administrative and online support accompanying it.

What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

A variety of property coverage products are available to you. Our business property insurance experts or your insurance agent can help you decide which ones to add to your commercial insurance policy for comprehensive coverage in all circumstances:  

  • Special Form Fire Insurance - Because a fire can occur in any location at any time and cause major property, business physical assets, and revenue loss to business owners, commercial fire insurance is foundational to any commercial real estate insurance program. Special Form coverage broadens fire coverage to include commercial property insurance coverage for all causes except those specifically excluded. Our real estate insurance brokers specialize in bringing broad coverage protection to our clients.


  • Rental Loss Coverage – Rental loss insurance is a business income insurance that reimburses owners of office buildings or other commercial buildings for loss of rents due to damaged property by an insured loss. It's important to determine the rental income coverage amount, length of business interruption coverage, policy limit, and time needed to acquire tenants after the damage repairs are completed.  We can help you with business continuity planning and business interruption insurance appropriate for your individual situation.


  • Water Damage - While some commercial real estate insurance policies include water damage, others are not comprehensive and leave you vulnerable to certain types of damage. For example, one business owner's policy may cover burst pipes due to weather or sewer back-ups while other commercial property coverage will not. At VANTREO, we are here to help you find the right balance between coverage and pricing so your commercial property insurance protects you adequately without excessive costs.


  • Earthquake Damage - Because of the geographical nature of earthquake probability, not all business property insurance policies cover this natural disaster. If your business location or business assets are in a state where earthquakes occur, your insurance agency may recommend earthquake insurance to protect your commercial property. Our experts in earthquake property coverages can help determine your risk and probable maximum loss factor, depending on building location, age, and construction. 


  • Green Coverage – If you’ve taken the effort to get green certified, you need a business insurance plan in place to keep it that way. Green insurance covers the replacement cost for green features of a building and business equipment, allows a traditional building to be replaced with green features following a loss, and pays the cost of a professional engineer to commission the repaired or replaced property as green. Our insurance companies can provide green coverage to take care of the extra costs typical business insurance plans don’t. 


  • Employee Theft Insurance - Although you may take measures to hire honorable and upstanding employees, even the most thorough background checks may not prevent all employee theft at some point down the road whether you are a small business owner or a large company with multiple locations. Sometimes called employee dishonesty coverage, this business insurance protects you from financial loss from fraudulent activity by one or more of your employees. VANTREO can help you decide if employee theft insurance is necessary in your case. 


  • Criminal Acts Coverage - Also called crime insurance or fidelity insurance, this coverage protects your organization from financial loss, including actual cash, office equipment, or inventory, due to criminal acts from burglars, forgery, extortion, and other types of fraud. 


  • Pollution Insurance - Sometimes called hazardous materials or environmental insurance, pollution insurance consists of coverage to clean up your own site, pay emergency response costs, cover legal liability for loss to others, and provide business income coverage for revenue loss due to pollution. It can also include coverage for mold damage. We understand the pollution insurance industry and are strong advocates for both large and small business owners' environmental exposures.


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