The world loves a "makeover".

Weight loss, home flips, business renovation, acne treatments, hair restoration, cosmetic dentistry, makeup, plastic surgery, and the list goes on.

Watching the seemingly impossible become reality and learning what it takes to reach the goal is incredibly motivating.

We also love to compare things... price, service, value, etc. What's interesting is that we really don't want to do the research or the work ourselves. We want someone else to do the "before and after" for us so we can simply "decide".

Makeovers have raised the bar in business insurance.

Today's "insurance makeover", not only addresses policy coverage and risk but also dissects every aspect of the overall brokerage program related to its role in transforming business results. Every insurance and risk management program should be a driver when it comes to EBITDA growth.

When we reduce insurance to its most "commoditized" element..."price", we voluntarily stunt our insurance opportunity and overpay for what we do receive.  

The better approach is to seek an insurance "before and after" where components of the program (including services, technology, education, human resources, etc.) are upgraded or replaced to achieve a result our management team may not have expected but that they can no longer live without.

As with any true makeover, it's the "reveal"...the quick, simple, compelling demonstration of value and improvement that makes the decision a no-brainer. In insurance, the reveal is a short, simple, itemized comparison that makes it easy to "decide".


At VANTREO, we're committed to offering our clients "must have" outcomes that save both time and money while bringing something innovative to the table...a new goal they didn't even know they had.

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