In this unprecedented era of quarantine and stay-at-home orders, we are all certainly going through a time of difficult change and uncertainty. The changes are coming in rapidly. It’s frustrating. There’s anxiety.

That said, at one point, this storm will pass. And when it does, where will we be?


Some Winning Harvard Graduation Advice

On May 29, 2019, Professor Jonathan L. Walton, challenged Harvard's graduating class regarding "change". He said, "Change is inevitable. Growth and maturity are optional."

Change has power.

It can ignite fear. There are always unknown outcomes that may or may not occur. Sometimes change comes wrapped in tremendous adversity and loss.

But change also has equal power to do incredible good. In fact, every change brings with it, seeds of great opportunity.    

So why do so many miss the opportunity?

Answer. Only those who are open to letting go of the past and journeying toward a future of personal growth and maturity, are able to uncover, and benefit from, those seeds. 

Too often, we fight change and cry foul against anything or anyone associated with it. It's not a great strategy. We place a drag on everyone around us, create drama, and typically end up disqualifying ourselves from the situation altogether.

Change is either our reason or our excuse. It's the reason we progress and add new value in this world...or it's our excuse for being angry, victimized, and unable to achieve worthy goals.

Growth and maturity may be optional, but who wouldn't want to be able to respond appropriately when things change?... especially when a right response is fundamental to our ultimate individual success?

To succeed in "change", ask...

  1. Can/Should the outcomes be stopped or reversed? If yes, why? How? Are you sure? If not, then shift to a future focus as quickly as possible. Learn about the new destination. Find passion to move forward. If the change is temporary, the related seeds of opportunity may also be fleeting...catch them as quickly as possible.
  2. Did the change cause personal loss or pain?If so, know that we all have a right to mourn. Allow adequate time for that to happen. Invest in getting help. Just remember that at some point, the time comes when we have to figure out how to work with the new normal to realize a better future.
  3. What are the seeds of opportunity?This is where we replace fearful unknowns with high-value opportunities. We, then, join a team of champions to bring those opportunities to life. If it's difficult to envision the opportunities, we'll need to initiate a conversation with someone who can.

The team that can master change, overcome adversity, and envision opportunity, is the team that wins championships in any industry.


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