The goal is to maximize team member time and achievement.


COVID re-entry, with all of its changes and new requirements, brings with it an excellent opportunity to re-set the way we accomplish things. It's an opportunity to realign the team, save time and money, and to accomplish a better result.


As employers, we hire great people. We pay them well to deliver specialized expertise... only to see them distracted by "other things" that just have to get done...the whack-a-mole!


Let's face it, we need a lot more "instant" when it comes to running our businesses.


Wondering what we mean by instant? and how much time can be saved?


Check out this simple cost analysis for a 100 employee firm...


1. Team Training - leadership, sexual harassment prevention, work comp claims elimination, defensive driving courses, etc.  delivered live by Zoom and in-person to eliminate drama/wasted time, and staying focused -  110 hours per employee savings


2.  Benefits admin & open enrollment per employee - 90 minutes per employee for a paper process. 15 minutes for online enrollment. 1.25 hours per employee savings


3.  HR annual time spent on Benefits - 70 minutes per employee for paper. 10 minutes average overseeing the online process.  1 hour per employee savings


4.  Elimination of work comp claims -  a minimum average of 5% of employee time no longer spent on duties resulting from a workplace injury (their own or someone else's) 104 hours per employee savings


5.  Single entry compliance (work comp claim reporting, OSHA Logs, real-time trending reports, insurance certs, auto ID cards) Eliminate 75% of redundant data entry.  50  hours saved corporately.


6.  COVID Testing, Compliance & Advice solution - Explained here - 120 hours saved corporately  


7.  Fleet Safety solution - Besides saving lives, improved customer service, reduced traffic violations & accidents, and increased productivity...there is labor savings. 25 average hours per employee savings


8.  HR support online - HR Hotline. Training solutions. Compliance resources. Thousands of forms, documents, tools & checklists plus up-to-date news related to HR practices - 1,040 hours of HR employee savings


9.  Insurance information dashboard - 24/7 access to just about any of your insurance documents (policies, schedules, real time reports, etc.) - 60 hours of insurance admin savings


10.Total estimated hourly savings - 100 person team:  about 25,395 employee hours saved each year! 



At CA's average pay rate of $54, that's $1,371,330.


Think about it. We just freed up 25,395 hours that can be redeployed to grow the organization!


We train for very specific results, eliminate paper, install better time management tools, minimize HIPPA, OSHA and other compliance exposure, and establish a world class management team.


The beauty here is that we save precious employee hours to achieve a WOW result generally spending only money that the organization is already spending!



VANTREO is here to help. We can show you the potential hourly savings your team could save, not to mention the cost savings related thereto. If you'd like to discuss re-entry or anything else, just call us or reply here.