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Over 50% of employers enter the same workplace injury claims data up to four times!

If you are one of those employers, please know that VANTREO has the experience and technology to help. Imagine the time saved by entering work comp claims information only once?

We would like to share a short 90-second video on how VANTREO’s CompZone™ can reduce costs and the time you spend on workers’ comp administration, and give you superhuman efficiency.


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About CompZone™

CompZone™ was created in 2003 by a group of work comp insurance and claim professionals who became passionate about helping business owners control their work comp spend by creating a loss-free culture. Today, CompZone™ has enabled hundreds of employers to realize substantially lower ex-mod ratings and to save millions of insurance premium dollars. Our team is just as proud to have helped ensure that thousands of workers continue to return home at the end of each day as healthy as they were when they arrived at the day’s start.