The #1 Insurance Lesson
that you should know today


There is nothing more frustrating than knowing that insurance was available to cover a devastating loss but you just don't have it. Whether it's learning that you can't afford to rebuild your home, regretting not buying life insurance on a loved one, or realizing that you should have accepted the catastrophic coverage (like earthquake, windstorm, or flood) that you now need...uninsured loss can be heartbreaking.

The #1 insurance lesson we learned from the Santa Rosa firestorm is that a well-written insurance policy with ample policy limits is "gold" in a catastrophic loss. Great insurance puts the policyholder first in line when it comes to securing an architect, contractor, and even a place to live.

Today, we'd like to share our findings with you. See below for important downloadable information. Additional resources for high-net-worth risk needs is also available.