The Gift of Calendar, Questions & Courage

Top VANTREO "Shareables" for 2020


Welcome December! The month most of us spend focused on a powerful year-end finish and, hopefully, scripting our amazing new year launch!

At VANTREO, December reminds us that we learn, grow, and succeed together. There’s wisdom in the counsel of many.

To that end, here are our top three “shareables” for 2020 … proven “achievement” concepts that we’re excited to share with you…

1. Success (or failure) can be traced back to a calendar - It’s about how we spend our time. Goal achievement requires that we "do" something consistently, every day, that will bring us closer to our desired objectives. It takes daily changes to shift future outcomes. Commit to doing what must be done, every day, to achieve a goal rather than simply focusing on the goal itself.

2. Ask often – Here’s a thought, “If you don't ask, they can't say YES – they may say NO, but if you don't ask they can never say YES”. Put this concept to the test. Begin pushing yourself to "ask" more consistently. Steve Jobs once said, "People don't get, because they don't ask..." It’s simple, and it works!

3. 20 seconds of courage -  Darren Hardy has a great take on courage. He says, “You only need to be courageous for 20 seconds at a time… courageous enough to pick up the phone and make a tough call, to introduce yourself to a circle of strangers, to walk up on stage, to let someone go, to jump out of a plane, etc. Fear comes in the anticipation of an experience, not in the experience itself. 20 seconds of courage .

Uber-achievement in 2020 is all about changing the things in our control.

“Action” is the key ingredient that transforms a mere concept into major success! We need to take action!


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