Imagine that one morning, this "phishing" email quietly shows up in the inbox of several employees that work for your company.  


At first glance it looks like it's from LinkedIn, and who doesn't trust LinkedIn, right?  


Well, let's look at it again...


Hmmm, the sender's address looks weird, and, gosh, I don't have Insurance Technology as a skillset listed on my LinkedIn... and, oh yeah, I don't use my work email address for LinkedIn. 


Something is up!


Yes, it is. This is a phishing attempt - and it can lead to very bad news for the organization and its network.


"Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information or data, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication."  Wikipedia


What's the best way to handle a phishing attempt?  Delete it! It's simple.


That said, who is the most "phish-able" person in any organization?


Answer: The CEO.


Criminals know that a request from the CEO gets immediate attention...a focus so powerful it causes people to ignore the most obvious signs of foul play.



If you are a CEO or other company officer, consider sending out your own version of this email...  



Subject: (Company Name) Alert re Cyber Phishing


Hello all!


As hard as we work to educate both our customers and our team about the risks of cyber seems that every now and then a client or a team member gets caught and exposes their own PII (Personally Identifiable Information) unnecessarily.


As CEO, I am probably the most "phish-able" (Company Name) person we have. We get several requests a day saying "This is (CEO first name)." When people see my name, they think they must respond immediately!  It's interesting that while COVID-19 is teaching us all to slow down and consider our actions, we would also benefit from the same advice when it comes to phishing. 


Let's stop, slow down - and ask, what's REALLY happening here?


Please know that I will never ask for any personal information by email, not even your phone number.  And I certainly will never ask you for money or a cash card. 


My email will always be (insert CEO's email address).


If you question an email message you think is from me but seems weird or asks for PII, stop and carefully check the email address of the sender. Do not reply to it or click on any attachments (because that's what the hacker is trying to get you to do!). Instead pick up the phone and call me or call (enter name) or your manager to get clarification.


Thank you for all you are doing to keep us safe! (CEO first name)




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