If you know a manufacturer, please forward this important information related to “stock” insurance!

A manufacturer’s stock is much more than business personal property (BPP). Stock includes raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.  Coverage is needed at the raw materials origin, in transit (including loading and unloading),  in process, in storage, and through final delivery. 

Stock that is insured as BPP too often falls short in the event of damage or loss. In fact it often requires 2 or more additional insurance policies to provide the protection needed…and still too many manufacturers find themselves uninsured when the loss occurs. The solution is found in a single policy designed to insure stock from origin to sale.

Check this out…

  • Worldwide coverage that integrates transportation, inventory storage, material handling and packaging
  • Loading and unloading protection…and it eliminates the need and cost for freight-forwarders insurance coverage
  • Includes catastrophic perils such as earthquake, wind, and flood
  • Selling price valuation to protect your profit in the event of a loss
  • Most forms of product rejection upon delivery
  • Perishable and non-perishable goods
  • Premium rates that are similar to those of basic BPP property coverage

9 out of 10 manufacturers are unaware that this coverage exists.

We are here to help.  First, here are a few FAQs. Next, let us audit your existing stock coverage and give you a quick single policy premium indication. You will want to do this before you have a stock loss!

Just let us know how to begin a conversation with you. Reply here or call us at 800-967-6543 ext 247.