Test Site Directory, Employer Advice Hotline,Telemedicine Resource for Employee Questions

As we begin workplace re-entry, California employers are expected to have COVID-19 protocols in place to help ensure that the workforce re-enters healthy and stays that way.

People want to know that a business owner's protocols align with CDC guidelines. They may even expect the business owner to prove it.

As business leaders, we are feeling the pressure.  Why should we shoulder the weight of implementing these brand new COVID-19 requirements alone?

Where can we check in with an expert authorized to help guide and confirm our decisions?

In working with hundreds of employers over recent months,  VANTREO has assimilated a solution package to release that pressure.

The 4-Part Testing and Advice Solution

1. Testing Guidelines – California is expanding coronavirus testing capacity daily. Before you recommend COVID testing for employees, check out this simple overview of CA’s current testing priorities which includes eligibility for free testing, etc. at California Testing Guidelines.

2. Test Site Directory -  Not everyone needs to be tested for COVID-19. This national test site finder helps guide the decision and locates the nearest site once state and county information is entered.  Coronavirus Testing Directory

3. Employer Advisor Services – Once you have entered the state and county into the Test Site Directory (#2 above), the site also delivers the CA Department of Health support service hotline phone number to answer non-medical questions about how to comply with CDC guidelines and re-entry protocol (screen shot below). We called the hotline to test it out. First, we agreed to take the post-call survey (which ended up involving just one “yes” or “no” question). Our call was immediately answered, we asked our re-entry question, and were guided to the appropriate regulation. With the name of the person we spoke to, the regulation, and the date/time of the call, we have good documentation should someone ask whether we vetted our workplace decision with any authority.  Select location and access Employer Advisor Hotline

4. Telephysician Resource for Employee Questions - If an employee is ill or has a medical question, this physician service provides immediate consultation to answer the question and/or determine how the illness should be handled. The service is accessed through an 800-number and a website link that prompts (7) questions that follow CDC guidelines. If testing is recommended, the service will locate and advise the employee of the nearest free testing site, as applicable. If the employee can return to work, the Back To Work release form will be issued to the employee by the telemedicine physician.

The pricing VANTREO has negotiated  for this service is $.60 per employee, per month, plus a "per consultation" fee of $29.00. For example, at 100 employees, the total monthly cost is $60.00 plus $29.00 for every consultation that occurs. This solution not only supports any employer in need of a documented COVID-19 protocol, but also helps mitigate the risk. Contact us here to enroll or for more info… COVID Telemedicine services.

As a side note, this telephysician service not only provides national COVID-19 consultation but can also serve your team members who need to talk with a doctor about any minor, common medical condition. This is often helpful for part-time workers (and their families) or anyone else who does not have medical coverage. This can also take pressure off of your work comp costs.

The beauty of this collection, is that it comes free with the exception of a minor cost for the telephysician service! 


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