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VANTREO offers a simple online system to help you solve workers comp challenges. This system combines robust online incident tracking and compliance services with world-class insurance advocacy. We are experts at what we do. And we have the client testimonials to prove it! 

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VANTREO can help you ...

  • Drive down incidents, claims and losses
  • Manage injury data while simultaneously completing your OSHA logs and trending reports
  • Track your results in real time
  • Support a safety-first culture
  • Easily identify loss sources
  • Eliminate fraud and exaggerated claims
  • Automate your safety training program
  • Manage work comp in all 50 states
  • Comply with Federal and State safety requirements
  • Access thousands of safety resources and materials
  • Provide CompZone claim negotiation, coaching, and advocacy services

Workers Compensation Insurance defined

Workers compensation is a no-fault system requiring that specific state-mandated benefits be paid to workers who are injured or become ill on the job or in the course of their employment. Workers compensation insurance pays the employers’ financial obligation under this law.

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Is Workers Comp Insurance Required?

All employers are required to demonstrate that they can pay for their financial obligation under state workers compensation laws. This is done either by qualifying as a self-insured employer or by purchasing valid workers compensation insurance. Employers who fail to carry workers compensation when required to do so may be subject to significant penalties, fines and business closure.

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What doesn't it cover?

All insurance policies have coverage exclusions and limitations. Here are a few things that workers compensation policies may not cover: claims for employment discrimination based on a workers compensation claim; excluded officers and directors; independent contractors (or you may be charged for independent contractors if documentation is faulty); in some jurisdictions, employees may be restricted from collecting benefits (however in most places it is not likely) if their injury results from willful misconduct or from intoxication.

Every State Is Different

Workers compensation systems are established by statutes in each state. State laws and court decisions control the program in that state and no two states have exactly the same laws and regulations.

States determine such features as the amount of benefits to which an employee is entitled, what impairments and injuries are covered, how impairments are to be evaluated and how medical care is to be delivered. In addition, states dictate whether workers comp insurance is provided by state-run agencies and by private insurance companies or by the state alone. States also establish how claims are to be handled, how disputes are resolved and they may devise strategies, such as limits on chiropractic care, to control costs.

To learn about the requirements where you live, visit your state’s workers compensation department web site.

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Most business owners have been lead to believe that because workers compensation is legislated they have little or no control over their costs. VANTREO has proven that nothing could be further from the truth. Workers compensation is the one insurance over which you, the business owner, can have significant control. CompZone™, our unique and proprietary approach gives you a true work comp coach. We provide the claims expertise, negotiation skills and management training tools needed to establish a loss-free corporate culture.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Workers Compensation

We understand that workers comp insurance can be a complex topic for businesses. To help, we’ve created an FAQ that answers common questions like:

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