A Cleaner Insurance Approach

Even seemingly benign businesses can be in need of Pollution Insurance. VANTREO brings you the expertise in administration, contractual protection, coverage issues, customer service and special claims support that are unique to this risk. Get the peace-of-mind from better protection. Get smarter insurance.

What does it cover?

Even seemingly benign businesses may carry the risk of producing, storing or emitting hazardous waste materials. Standard commercial general liability policies exclude coverage for pollution liability claims. As a result, coverage for potential and existing hazards must be purchased separately.

Pollution (also known as Hazardous Materials or Environmental) insurance usually consists of coverage to clean up your own site, emergency response costs, legal liability for loss to others, your loss of income due to the pollution, and can include coverage for mold damage.

Is it required?

Sometimes, lenders, particularly commercial lenders, require pollution insurance be carried as a loan condition. Property or business buyers may require this insurance. Depending on the nature of your business, the Environmental Protection Agency, state financial responsibility laws and customers may require pollution coverage.

What doesn't it cover?

All insurance policies have coverage exclusions. Here are a few things that pollution insurance policies may not cover: known loss or pollution conditions known but not disclosed on the insurance application; criminal fines, penalties and assessments; most internal expenses; and loss arising out of sold property unless specifically insured.


We understand the pollution insurance marketplace and are strong advocates for our clients with environmental exposures. The VANTREO team brings you expertise in the administration, contractual protection, coverage issues, customer service and special claims issues and support that are unique to businesses with pollution risk. 

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