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You’ve taken the effort to get green certified; make sure you have an insurance plan in place to keep it that way. At VANTREO we provide coverage that takes care of the extra costs typical plans don’t. So you can get back to business as usual, with smarter insurance.

What does it cover?

Green buildings are “certified” by the United States Green Building Council, a Washington DC based non-profit. A green building is a building that is certified to be energy and water efficient, healthy and occupant friendly, uses natural daylight and has a low carbon footprint. Traditional insurance policies do not address the needs of green building owners. Green insurance covers the cost to replace the “green” features of a building, allows a traditional building to be replaced with green features following a loss, and provides for the cost of a professional engineer to commission the repaired or replaced property as “green”.

Is it required?

Green insurance is not generally required by third parties such as lenders or government entities. However it is unlikely that a damaged “green” building would be fully repaired or replaced by a traditional insurance policy. In that way “green” coverage would be required to pay a “green” loss.

What doesn't it cover?

All insurance policies have coverage exclusions. Here are a few things that green insurance policies may not cover: recommended actions or standards that exceed the minimum requirements of the green rating authority; amounts that are more than the amount you actually spend to repair or rebuild damaged or destroyed property at the same premises; and, a repair or rebuilding construction schedule that exceed two years unless specifically approved.


VANTREO is a real estate insurance expert. We understand the administration, contractual protection, coverage issues, customer service and special claims issues and support that are unique to a real estate or property management program. This includes the unique risk exposure related to “green” construction and building issues.

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