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Stay protected when traveling internationally. With a network of foreign liability insurers that are rated among the highest in the world, VANTREO has the ability to keep you covered any time or place. We'll build a coverage plan specifically for your needs. Feel more secure with a smarter insurance.

What does it cover?

The standard general liability policy provides coverage for incidental exposures abroad, such as an executive who lives and works in the United States and occasionally travels overseas. International or Foreign Liability insurance protects businesses and their people for operations arising out of a permanent branch office, manufacturing facility, construction project or other operation located in another country.  The coverage can include foreign general liability, property insurance, contingent auto liability, travel assistance, kidnap & ransom and contingent employer’s liability.

Is it required?

Often the insurance required in other countries mandates that the insurance be written by carriers located in that particular country.  Most Foreign liability insurers can address this need.  For example, most countries have insurance requirements related to workers compensation and automobile insurance  that must be addressed.

What doesn't it cover?

All insurance policies have coverage exclusions and limitations. Here are a few things that foreign liability insurance policies may not cover: countries other than those specifically scheduled for coverage; coverage that a country mandates be purchased through their own government; any exposure that is not disclosed on the application for the insurance.


In this world of instant access to the global marketplace, VANTREO has the ability to move quickly as your business needs expand throughout the world. We have global access to foreign liability insurers that are rated among the highest in the world for their financial strength and ability to keep their commitments to their insureds.

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