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Find quality coverage that suits both the employer’s and employee’s needs. At VANTREO, we have the expertise to craft the right plan, and personal support to satisfy the organization and its people. Smarter insurance is here to make business easier.

What does it cover?

Employee benefit packages may consist of many different types of insurance, here are some examples;

Is it required?

Currently health insurance is not required by law, however in 2014 under the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA) everyone will have to have medical insurance.  There will be many options available.

When an employer offers a comprehensive benefit package there are benefits to both the employer and the employees.  Employers are able to attract and retain talented employees and help keep team members well and working. Employees are able to purchase different types of insurance (medical, dental, vision, life etc.) at group rates, both with and without employer contributions, and with no individual qualification.  

What doesn't it cover?

Depending on the line of insurance there will always be exclusions or limitations.  For example, chiropractic coverage is often not included without a specific rider.  Orthodontia coverage is not automatically covered under dental insurance. Adult orthodontia is available but not necessarily automatically covered.  It is important for both employer and employees to understand insurance limitations before a claim occurs.


Every relationship begins with “a wish list”.  What’s most important to you?  VANTREO works to combine quality products and services with results that meet both the employer’s and employee’s needs. The goal is to achieve the desired level of protection and overall financial fit for both the organization and its people. 

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