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What does it cover?

A Disability Income policy can be specifically design to provide coverage for the loss of your personal income due to an injury or illness, business expenses related to the operation of a business if you are disabled, and for the purchase of a permanently disabled business partner’s interest in your company after a specified period of time. Benefit levels are determined by your personal income, business expenses and/or the value of one’s interest in a business when you apply for disability insurance coverage.  The waiting period, benefit payout period and the amount of your monthly benefit have a direct effect on the disability income policy’s premium.

Is it required?

If you have above average earnings and are self- employed, own a business or your employer does not provide adequate short or long term disability income benefits, you should give strong consideration to individual disability income protection. For self-employed professionals it is a must!

What doesn't it cover?

Most policies cover both injuries and illnesses that manifest themselves after the policy is in force. Also, because work related disabilities are covered by workers compensation, most policies will reduce their benefits by any amount paid by workers compensation, as well as any benefits received from Social Security and other government programs. Many policies limit payments for mental illness and drug or alcohol related disabilities to two years. Some policies have exclusions for pregnancy, war and self- inflicted injuries. All the exclusions will be defined in the specific policy you purchase.


We stay current on emerging trends in both the individual and group Disability Income insurance marketplace so we are able to anticipate and exceed our client’s need and expectations. To that end, we have created strategic alliances nationwide with the leading Disability Income insurance carriers. We are experts in providing our clients with short and long term group disability income coverage, as well as individual products for Personal, Business Overhead and Buy-Sell disability protection.

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