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Stay secure from any breach in your system or loss of information. We bring the Cyber and Privacy coverage expertise to help protect your organization and its people. Helping you make the right insurance decisions to lower your risk and save you money. Discover the benefit of smarter insurance.

What does it cover?

Customers or employees who entrust you with personal or private information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers and medical info, etc. put you at risk for violation of privacy laws or data breach.  Privacy losses arise from computers (laptop theft, hackers, viruses) and from paper files (office and at home).

Cyber liability insurance is designed to cover you and your business for losses arising from data security breaches to your system as well as media exposures on your website – defamation, libel, slander, infliction of emotional distress, infringement of copyright and trademark, logo, plagiarism, etc.  This insurance covers claims brought by outsiders as well as costs you incur for notifying people of the breach, credit monitoring, public relations, etc. Actual policy wording varies greatly.

Is it required?

Cyber & privacy liability insurance is relatively new and not a generally “required” coverage. However, depending on the nature of your business, investors or customers may require that you carry cyber liability insurance.

What doesn't it cover?

All insurance policies have coverage exclusions. Here are a few things that cyber liability insurance policies may not cover: Errors & Omissions (malpractice) and/or privacy violations related to any professional services provided unless specifically insured; corporate identity theft unless specifically insured. It is critical to review and understand all proposed policy exclusions before purchasing any cyber liability policy.


Prevention and protection are key to reducing risk and keeping insurance and risk management costs in line.  VANTREO partners with you to make good decisions. We bring the cyber liability coverage expertise, management coaching, corporate culture training, and claims advocacy needed to help you protect your organization and its people.

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