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If you searched for the “best auto insurance broker” or “affordable auto insurance” and found us, you’re in for a treat. While no one is perfect, VANTREO is a top contender when it comes to auto insurance expertise and broad insurance market access. We are a powerful advocate when it comes to reaching your auto insurance goals.

What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

Your liability for injury or damage to others, damage to the car itself, and extra costs associated with an accident related to any "covered vehicle".

If you or someone insured under your policy injures someone or their property, by accident, with a “covered vehicle”, it will pay your financial obligation related to the bodily injury or property damage that results. You can also buy protection to pay for damage to a vehicle insured under the policy and to cover other expenses such as the cost of a rental car while the vehicle is being repaired or replaced.

The named insured on the policy and the registered owner of the vehicles listed should be the same.

Is Auto Insurance Required?

In California, minimum liability insurance requirements mandate that private passenger vehicles carry at least $15,000 for injury/death to one person, $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person and $5,000 for damage to property.

Lenders on auto loans will also have insurance requirements including coverage for damage to the vehicle itself. However, most businesses carry auto insurance limits that are much higher than required minimums simply to be protected in the event the company is held responsible in an auto accident.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Does your business require extensive driving? Are a significant portion of your business assets tied up in vehicles? VANTREO can provide comprehensive coverage for all your business vehicles at great rates. Click here to learn how VANTREO can help.

Fleet Auto Insurance

Fleet vehicle owners: make sure your vehicles are covered for the unique types of situations that come with your industry.

Personal Auto Insurance

Personal auto insurance comes in a variety of different types of coverage and costs./p>

What Doesn't It Cover?

All insurance policies have coverage exclusions. Here are a few things that business auto insurance policies do not cover:

  • Any obligation under any workers’ compensation law
  • Wear and tear to the insured vehicle
  • Loss related to racing, demolition contests, or stunting activity
  • Contents of the vehicle, handling of the property of others
  • Liability arising out of machinery or other mobile equipment that is on or attached to the covered vehicle.

Also if you want to make sure that “original equipment manufacturer” parts are used to replace parts in a damaged vehicle, your policy needs a special endorsement.

If the only vehicle you drive is a company car, your business auto policy will need to include special coverage to protect you should you drive someone else’s car. Also businesses or other organizations should purchase coverage called “non-owned auto” insurance for protection related to liability arising out of employees or others using their own cars on company business. Special coverage is also needed to insure rented or borrowed automobiles.

Need an Auto Insurance Solution?

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Why Choose VANTREO as Your Auto Insurance Broker?

Prevention and protection are key to reducing risk and keeping auto insurance cost low. VANTREO brings the coverage expertise, management coaching, defensive driver training, and automobile claims advocacy needed to help protect you, your organization and the people on your team.

When you choose VANTREO as your auto insurance broker, you can rest assured you’ll have a dedicated team of people ready to assist you for any eventuality.

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