With all eyes focused on how the world gets through the pandemic, coronavirus scams and criminal activity accelerate at a rapid pace. Whether it’s the sale of fake test kits, fraudulent remedies, or simple hand-sanitizer and toilet paper theft, every COVID-19 crime preys on two things…our anxiety and our desire to be informed.

The Most Lucrative Coronavirus Crime

Amidst it all, the most lucrative coronavirus criminal is the cyber scammer. Cybersecurity experts say hackers are using the public’s desire to be informed to infect computer systems with malware specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access.

Per Jonathan Tock, Director of Security Operations at St Louis based SpearTip, “There were over 2000 domains registered (within the last two weeks) with the coronavirus somewhere in the name.” Many are produced by hackers who have recognized big opportunity in our fear and curiosity.  Source: KMOX

The Fake Coronavirus Tracking Map  

One trap is the fake coronavirus tracking map. People want to know how many people have the virus and where are they located. When you click on the site, hackers attempt a drive-by download, which is a fancy way of saying they move in to download malware onto your computer.

The Surge in Remote Working

With so many people working from home on company equipment, it’s especially important to be wise about the websites people visit and what is clicked on. No one wants to be the person who compromised company security.

In addition to educating proper cyber protocols, now is the time to make sure that cyber insurance in place.

Cyber Insurance now considered non-optional

Cyber security expert and Shark Tank shark, Robert Herjavec, reminds us that even the best cyber security protocol should be partnered with a comprehensive cyber insurance policy.

Cyber insurance is available to provide the policyholder with an incident response fund, coverage for cyber extortion, data restoration, business interruption, computer fraud, funds transfer fraud, and social engineering fraud.  For more info, check out this simple Cyber Insurance & Response Plan brochure.

Cyber insurance is affordable. Please do not pass on this insurance right now without, at least, viewing a quote.

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May you and your team and your family stay healthy and safe!