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Lower Work Comp Costs

CompZone provides business owners and managers with a proven system to reduce workers compensation costs by providing the online service platform, claims advocacy, management training tools, and fraud/exaggeration strategy needed to establish a loss-free corporate culture.

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Using CompZone™ is one of the best decisions I have made in my 30 year career.

—Don Luckenbach, President,
Royal Laundry

CompZone™ and the team at VANTREO really went to bat for us, and have been instrumental in getting our ship back on course.

—Mark Winter, President,
Hired Hands Homecare

VANTREO puts in the time it takes to make sure we address issues that come up now instead of waiting until they become a problem.

—Chris Kirschenheuter, CEO,
Bluewater Environmental Services

Achieve and Sustain Low Work Comp Premium.

Set the foundation for success. We'll guide you through our three-part plan.

Our specialists complete an in-depth background exam, identifying key areas to reduce cost, improve morale and increase profitability.

A training program, workshops and tools that educate and align management on how to be proactive in minimizing work comp cost.

We partner with you to resolve open claims, reduce claim costs, and eliminate potential new ones so productivity goes up and insurance cost goes down.