On-Camera - The New Corporate Protocol

The procurement director of a large, national, prospect initiates an online meeting. The invite includes a link as well as a call-in number. There are five invitees. The call has the potential for big opportunity for all of them.

The day of the call arrives. Everyone is on time. One of the participants clicked on the link and was not just on the call but “camera ready”. The others used the phone number.

As the call begins, the director and the camera-ready participant (CRP) smile and greet each other. One by one, the others introduce themselves like voices through a dark sky.

The conversation progresses but regardless of who speaks, the connection between the director and the CRP is deepening…they share eye-contact, knowing looks, and even humor…all driven by visual communication.

After the call, the director checks in with the CRP to thank him. She also mentions that on-camera participation is an expected corporate protocol for their company.

It appears when someone sends a link, they expect, not only that we use it but, that we are ready to visually participate.


A few tips on getting camera ready…

1. Access a camera – you have to have a computer camera or have access to one to participate in an online meeting.

2. Get dressed – Whether we work from the office or remotely, we need to dress for success (even if it is only from the waist up).

3. No excuses – Telling someone that we are not on camera because we have no make-up on, have a camera that doesn’t work, or because we didn’t know we were supposed to be camera-ready, are all lame excuses that do not support a future focus. We may get away with it for a while, and some explanations are legit, but at some point we risk being left behind.

4. Ignore stage-fright – working on-camera must become as comfortable as participating in a conversation at the office.

5. Prepare and Rehearse – Ask if it is expected, or would help, to have on-camera participation. Then practice in advance. Get comfortable with the process. Finally, we need to make sure that, where possible, our image shows up in “the bubble” in case the video goes down.  It’s better to see our image online than to stare at a black bubble displaying our initials during the entire call.

The world of cyber business is truly here…no paper, no door to door calls, no office, no street traffic. And we are no longer clones of the corporate brand...we are our own "personal brand" as we bring corporate solutions. Interaction is instantaneous and transparent.

It all begins when we show up, ready to visually participate. 

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