Wildfire Insurance in California - Protection Against Devastating Loss


Homeownership is a dream for hundreds of thousands of Americans. Purchasing a home represents a significant investment; for many people, it is the largest such investment they will ever make. Protecting that investment is crucial. VANTREO understands the unique nature of the homeowners insurance market in California, especially the need for specific coverages like wildfire insurance. For wildfire coverage, California and its significant risks cannot be overlooked. Our goal is to provide you with the insurance coverages and information you need to manage your risks as a homeowner.

Critical Insurance Coverages for Homeowners

California wildfires have caused untold damage across the state. In 2020 alone, fire records were broken with almost 10,000 separate wildfires, 31 deaths, and the losses of homes and structures numbering in the thousands. Fire risk is a very real concern for property owners in high-risk areas. As a homeowner, you know that your house is a big investment. Protecting that investment is critical. It is important to protect yourself financially with home insurance policy types designed to cover all the important bases.  A home insurance policy typically covers:

  •  The structure of your home itself -- your main or primary residence.
  •  Your home's contents  -- anything you own inside the home such as personal belongings, furniture, clothing, and collectibles.
  •  Structures in addition to your home -- structures like barns, cottages, detached garages, sheds, and more.
  •  Your vehicle -- not every auto policy has wildfire risk coverage. Check with your insurance providers to ensure your transportation choices are covered.
  •  A place to live -- if a wildfire strikes and damages or destroys your home, you may have to find alternative shelter. Fire insurance typically provides coverage for lodgings when your primary residence is uninhabitable.

The State of Fire Insurance Coverage in California

Homeowners throughout California have seen insurance policy rates increase in cost. Many have also experienced non renewals. The California wildfires season has grown longer and more devastating each year, partly due to climate change; a simple brush fire can now grow to cover hundreds or even thousands of acres if conditions are right. The loss experience of homeowners has been steep, representing millions of dollars in property damage and destruction. Due to the growing risk of wildfire in certain areas of the state, insurers may be reluctant to extend policy coverage or to write a new fire insurance policy for residents in areas with heightened risks.

VANTREO can help you determine the coverages you need to protect your home investment. As a leading insurance company, our expertise  gives us access to hundreds of different insurance carriers. If you live in an area prone to fire risks, have unexpected rate increases, or are facing a non renewal of your existing coverage, our team can help. With some of the best insurance solutions in the California market, claim processing excellence, and competitive rate structures, VANTREO coverage is designed for one purpose: to give you protection for you, your home, and your family.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Wildfires in California?

Wildfire season in California generally falls between early spring and the end of each year. During this period, wildfires have the potential to cause irreparable damage to homes located in fire-prone areas. To protect homes against natural disasters, homeowners insurance is a solution -- yet not every policy covers the specific risks of wildfire damage or loss.

In general, homeowners policies cover fire and smoke damage, but if your home is located in a high risk area for wildfires, those policies alone may not be sufficient to provide adequate coverage. In those cases, an additional wildfire policy may be required. In simple terms, your existing home policy may or may not provide the peace of mind of wildfire risk protection.

What Does Wildfire Insurance Coverage Provide?

Homeowners insurance policies offer broad coverage against a range of risks. In most cases, these policies provide coverage for fire and smoke damage, such as the fires that occur from electrical wiring, cooking accidents, and similar incidents.

Since a home insurance policy may not be enough to protect against California wildfire risks, wildfire insurance policies go a step further for homeowners who reside in high-risk areas of California. These additional protections can include coverages for:

  • Damage to the building or main dwelling on a property.
  • Additional structures located on the property (barns, sheds).
  • Additional living spaces on the property, such as guest houses or cottages.
  • Landscaping, outdoor recreation features like pools, and backyard equipment or personal items.
  • Removal of debris after a wildfire occurs.
  • Upgrade coverage to meet evolving building codes.
  • Contents of the home and property structures/personal property.
  • Additional living expenses if a fire causes your dwelling to become uninhabitable.

Is Wildfire Insurance Expensive?

Homeowners insurance policies go a long way toward protecting your home against damage or loss. Wildfire coverage adds a layer of protection, giving you peace of mind that your home and its contents are covered in cases of fire. These policies are not inexpensive; California's unique situation and a growing risk of devastating incidents have caused fire insurance to climb in price in recent years. Despite these challenges, such insurance is a vital part of risk management for homeowners in California and in other areas affected by high fire risks.

Your insurance providers can give you more details as to the costs, coverages, and limitations of this crucial insurance protection. A one year wildfire policy may be more affordable than you think, and this investment offers coverage beyond a typical home policy.

Who Has the Best Wildfire Insurance Rates?

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