These 7 Attributes Accelerate Business Value

Here's where transformation begins!


The most successful companies have very specific attributes in common. If incorporated, these attributes can increase the value of any business because they create advantage over the competition that consumers are happy to pay for!  We share these attributes here as a guideline on where to focus organizational energy.

7 Ways To Accelerate Business Value

The Trick To Developing Highly Promotable People

Teach them to "work their way out of a job"

The best team member is the one who understands our business-the industry we're in- and who is passionate about creating value that helps achieve organizational goals!

Successful companies are full of these people.

What's their secret?

Answer: Every team member is learning to master the concept, "work your way out of a job."

How To Succeed When Things "Change"

Check out this 2019 Harvard Graduation Advice

On May 29, 2019, Professor Jonathan L. Walton, challenged Harvard's graduating class regarding "change". He said, "Change is inevitable. Growth and maturity are optional."

Change has power.

It can ignite fear. There are always unknown outcomes that may or may not occur. Sometimes change comes wrapped in tremendous adversity and loss.

But change also has equal power to do incredible good. In fact, every change brings with it, seeds of great opportunity.    

10 New Convenience Trends in Insurance

Working doesn't look like it used to. With "mobile," we are "on" anytime, anywhere. We are more diverse than ever. And, our clients expect us, their advisors to proactively provide solutions for their changing needs and to make their lives more convenient. They want us to make doing business with us as easy as possible.

The Short-Cut To Corporate Goal Achievement

A straight line is the shortest distance from one point to another. And so it is with goal achievement. We achieve goals faster without distractions and in an environment that supports the effort.

At VANTREO, we often refer to corporate culture as W.I.N., an acronym for “What Is Normal”.

A Judo Move to Stop Work Comp & Auto Insurance Claims

Workers compensation injuries and automobile insurance claims are the top two most invasive premium cost drivers in insurance today.

Distracted driving has become a cultural norm. And rather than preventing on-the-job injuries, most employers now expect them because they believe "accidents just happen".

Claim costs are skyrocketing.

The proven solution comes from within the organization. We call it the "judo move".

Here's how it works...