3 Words That Add Hours of Productive Work Time

... and also eliminate drama, align the team, and achieve goals!


The workshop is over. People are filing out of the room. One insurance client who's attended before, lags behind.

I assume he has a question, so I ask him, "Was this helpful?"

He responds, "Oh yes, but I thought I should tell you something you might want to know."

Wondering whether I had some wardrobe malfunction or made an error in my presentation, I ask, "What is it?"

He replies, "Under this suit and tie, I'm completely tatted."

10 Important Facts about Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Key coverage provisions to understand before something happens



Things are changing.

In 2008, most employment practices claims came from wrongful termination. By 2012, the majority of claims were the result of retaliation, and race & sex discrimination (including harassment and pregnancy discrimination). Since 2017, wage & hour claims have moved to center stage.

Gamified Insurance - Guess Who's Winning?

What would it look like to “gamify” insurance?

People love their games. People, also, don’t particularly like insurance.

So what if we gamified insurance?

Imagine. We’d buy insurance using points we are issued at the start of the game.

We’d accrue points for having the right coverages in place when an unexpected loss occurs.

We’d lose points for every non-catastrophic claim we file, but we’d get bonus points for claims we’re able to pay without using the insurance.

Whoa, stop…we gain points by paying claims out of pocket?

Top 5 Health Benefits Solutions for 2020

Top 5 Health Benefits Solutions for 2020

How to make it simpler and more relevant this year!


Human Resources (HR) is the linchpin to managing not only healthcare but just about every aspect of the most important asset of any company, its employees. HR teams across the country are relied on to handle more and more responsibilities.  

Easing that burden is the key to success.

We ease the burden with an updated approach to meeting employee needs and by simplifying the process for everyone through technology.

What Employers Need To Know About The Child Dental Crisis

What Employers Need To Know About The Child Dental Crisis


Lunching with an acquaintance at a local Vietnamese favorite, the conversation narrowed into the work we do to "give back".  I shared my experience in working with Eastern European orphanages, and more specifically, with the dental decay epidemic that has ravaged the children there.

Commissioner Orders Moratorium on CA Wildfire Non-renewals

Commissioner Orders Moratorium on CA Wildfire Non-renewals


Excerpt from AM Best’s Insurance News & Analysis – December 5, 2019

OAKLAND, CA – Deluged with complaints that residents are losing their insurance coverage despite having paid their homeowners’ premiums, and without having filed claims for decades, California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara has ordered a moratorium on non-renewals in wildfire disaster areas.

“I am hearing the story again and again,” Lara said at a press conference. “This needs to stop.”