Coronavirus: Should We File an Insurance Claim?

The answer could be "yes". You probably should file a claim even if there may be no coverage to pay for your coronavirus related loss. 

Let us explain....

Property insurance including business income coverage

By far, the number one insurance question this week is...

Will our insurance cover our lost or reduced business income due to business interruption and extra costs related to the coronavirus?

"Shark" Loses $380,000 in Spear Phishing Cyber Attack

We are constantly reminded that no one is immune when it comes to cyber-crime.

Cyber Security: Ellen Talks About "Password" Protection Essentials

Some years ago, Ellen DeGeneres found a product on late-night television that she had to order. It’s a product to help consumers remember their online passwords. Check it out here… :) 

A Lesson About The Risk In "Motivating People" To Achieve

The story of "The Villagers' Incentive"


Often life’s most powerful, and personally enriching, gifts are wrapped in lessons we would rather not open.

Here's a story, with a lesson about risk in "motivating people" to achieve...

The Villagers' Incentive

There once was a man who decided to build a second story on the community shelter he was responsible for. The shelter provided protection for many people throughout the land.

Employee Cyber Drill - 30 Minute Training Agenda

7 Simple Cyber Protections to Teach Employees


Remember your first fire drill in school? Perhaps it was in preschool or kindergarten. Your teacher likely explained what you should do and to how to return safely to the classroom after the drill.

Similarly, organizations must prepare employees to prevent and counteract a cyber attack. Employees are the organization’s first line of defense.

We must “auto pilot” the actions each person should take. We’ll call the recurring training, our company “cyber drill”.

The Insurance Many People Are Ignoring By Mistake!

Purchase Or Not Purchase - Document Your Position and Why.


With understanding comes advancement.

In the early days of property insurance, it was normal for claims to be paid based on a depreciated value.  The idea was to compensate policyholders for their loss but not create a situation where the policyholders profit from claim payment. So, if your damaged property was older or used, your insurance settlement was reduced to reflect depreciation.