The "Must Know" About Business Power Outage Insurance

The "Must Know" About Business Power Outage Insurance

This communication relates solely to planned power outages when the area is not under mandatory evacuation.


In October 2019, the headlines read, “Fearing what forecasters called a “potentially historic” windstorm this weekend, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. on Saturday began preemptive blackouts that are expected to affect more than 2.5 million people across huge portions of the state in an aggressive attempt to avert catastrophic wildfires”.

Top 10 Work Comp Claim Stoppers

Top 10 Work Comp Claim Stoppers

How to apply existing success energy to stop work comp claims.


Organizations that master safety leadership save time and maximize profit. The strategy is to take existing organizational success energy and apply it to stop work comp claims.

Here’s a rapid fire list of some of the most effective strategies to stop (or reduce) work comp claims.

The 3 Stages of Workplace Violence

The 3 Stages of Workplace Violence

How to recognize and react to a workplace violence threat.


Fortunately, as the risks and exposures we face in this world evolve, so does the world of risk management and insurance.

Unfortunately, the need for protocols, protection, and insurance against workplace violence is becoming a “new normal”.

On-Camera - The New Corporate Protocol

On-Camera - The New Corporate Protocol

The procurement director of a large, national, prospect initiates an online meeting. The invite includes a link as well as a call-in number. There are five invitees. The call has the potential for big opportunity for all of them.

The day of the call arrives. Everyone is on time. One of the participants clicked on the link and was not just on the call but “camera ready”. The others used the phone number.

A Training Outline for Conducting Employee "Cyber Drills"

7 Simple Cyber Protections to Teach Employees


Remember your first fire drill in school? Perhaps it was in preschool or kindergarten. Your teacher likely explained what you should do and to how to return safely to the classroom after the drill.

Similarly, organizations must prepare employees to prevent and counteract a cyber attack. Employees are the organization’s first line of defense.

We must “auto pilot” the actions each person should take. We’ll call the recurring training, our company “cyber drill”.

How To Select Appropriate Liability Insurance Limits

“What Liability Limit Should We Carry?”… an incredibly common insurance question with only one really good answer.

True protection and appropriate risk transfer to insurance requires that three important questions be answered…