6-Step Workplace Re-entry Plan Checklist

As we come closer to the, much anticipated, “home stretch” to workplace re-entry, our attention turns to the policies and procedures we’ll need to have in place as the doors begin to open.

To save time, here’s a beginning… a quick overview of the steps that will drive this process.


How to Start Building a Plan for Workplace Re-entry


Track state or regional orders

New, Easy, Affordable, Paperless COVID-19 Compliance

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the world’s newest workplace risks…a risk surrounded by great expectation.

Employers are now generally expected to have a COVID-19 protocol in place to help ensure that the workforce re-enters healthy and stays that way. People want to know that the employer’s protocol can be verified and that it aligns with CDC guidelines.

5 Top Insurance Tech Ideas For Workplace Re-Entry and Beyond

As we begin to prepare our businesses for life post "shelter-in place" order, we're recognizing that the way of work is changing...possibly forever. The quarantine-induced mass move to remote working has seemingly done us a favor.  It's forced us to re-think the way we work.

As our "commute" and "miles on the road for business" have been significantly cut back, remote working has given us time to reassess what we do and to prepare for another new normal.

Insurance Reimbursement for Pandemic Losses

Last week, famed Yountville restaurant owner, Thomas Keller, sued his insurer over refusal to cover pandemic losses. The story made headlines as business owners, many financially pummeled by the quarantines, began to ask, “What do we have to do to get reimbursed for our COVID-19 losses?”

Why doesn’t insurance cover it?

The Best Information Yet on Understanding How To Stay COVID-19 Safe!

Dr. David Price, Pulmonary Specialist and ICU Physician, Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, March 22, 2020


Coronavirus Scams and Criminal Activity

With all eyes focused on how the world gets through the pandemic, coronavirus scams and criminal activity accelerate at a rapid pace. Whether it’s the sale of fake test kits, fraudulent remedies, or simple hand-sanitizer and toilet paper theft, every COVID-19 crime preys on two things…our anxiety and our desire to be informed.

The Most Lucrative Coronavirus Crime