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15 Key Reasons Why Business Insurance Claims Go Unpaid

Too often when a business insurance claim goes unpaid, the insurance agent gets fired by the insured. Sometimes an errors and omissions claim is made against the agency. Regardless of what comes down, the situation evokes fear, is time consuming and often expensive, and can irreparably damage relationships.

They say forewarned is forearmed. So we tracked down the most common reasons a business insurance claim is not paid.

15 Key Reasons Business Insurance Claims Go Unpaid


New Rules - 2017 CA WC Officer Exclusion

Here is important information that may affect the cost of your workers compensation insurance. The passage of AB 2883, which amends Labor Code sections 3351 and 3352, changes the definition of “employee” and who may be excluded from workers compensation coverage..  Effective January 1, 2017, all work comp policies (including those already in-force) will be required to cover certain officers and directors who may have previously been excluded from coverage.

Here are the key provisions:

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Indispensable Time Management Advice!

The workshop is over. People are filing out of the room. One insurance client who's attended before, lags behind. I assume he has a question, so I ask him, "Was this helpful?" He responds, "Oh yes, but I thought I should tell you something you might want to know." Wondering whether I had some wardrobe malfunction or made an error in my presentation, I ask, "What is it?" He replies, "Under this suit and tie, I'm completely tatted." I'm speechless for a second. "O...K..." I find myself saying slowly, eyes wide open, never expecting what he'd reveal next.

What Every Employee Needs To Know To Succeed

A powerful way to coach employees for top performance is to make sure they know exactly what they must accomplish in order to create the most value for the organization. It starts with the publication of the organization's top three goals. You can't hit a target you don't have. Clarity starts at the top. The next step is to make sure every team member knows why they on the team. Codify the agreement. We call it the BRAG Pact.


You are here because you are consistently credible, produce excellence, and are predictably awesome.

IQ Drops 10 Points with Multiple Monitors

How many computer monitors create true efficiency? Ask me, and I'll vote for three screens every time. Early on, I thought having two monitors was leading edge until someone told me to try a third. Yet, there is significant debate around the perfect number...or whether it's helpful to have multiple monitors at all.