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New Technology Organizes Insurance in Minutes

Finally, a true gift of time in insurance!

Enter work comp claim info that's instantly, and simultaneously, delivered to your carrier, OSHA logs, and a dozen real-time trending reports.

Issue and deliver insurance certificates or auto ID cards in 1-3 minutes.

Access insurance policies, documents, claim details and compliance training modules 24/7 from just about anywhere in the world!

These are just a few things now available through VANTREO's Instant Access dashboard.

Insurtech has got it wrong!

Important International Travel Tip!

Before you leave for that overseas vacation, take a photo of your passport and email it to yourself. If your passport is lost or stolen you’ll be able to produce a copy for the U.S. Embassy and save several days in new passport processing time.

Also, if you qualify for high-net-worth personal lines coverages (net worth of $5 million or above), you may be eligible for complimentary travel assistance services (security, evacuation, emergency medical assistance, and/or concierge help) available through your high-net-worth homeowners policy.

The 5 Most Common Business Insurance Mistakes

Are you responsible for the insurance? 

Here are a few easy things to remedy before someone needs to use that insurance...

1. Wrong names

Insurance carriers protect and defend the named insured(s) listed on the policy. So check the real estate title, the automobile registration, the business’ articles of incorporation, the trust, and anything else that can verify exactly who really needs to be protected by the insurance purchased.

2. Insurance that doesn’t align with the contracts that have been signed

Learn B-Corp Business Success in 3 MINS!

The world of business in undergoing a major shift.

Increasingly, companies are choosing to incorporate “social and environmental impact” into their business model…a model that purposely supports people, the community, and the environment through the act of doing business.

A Shocking Absolutely “Must-See” 15 Second Safety Video!

Here’s what can happen when we assume employees will use “common sense” to work safely.  Check out this video.

5 Simple Insurance Responsible Behaviors to Adopt Now!

True "insurance" in life requires living responsibly...and yet, too many Americans allow their digital and personal freedoms to place them, the people around them, and the planet at risk.

Join VANTREO, and the amazing businesses we work with, to protect people and the earth by investing socially and environmentally when it comes to insurance.

Here are 5 simple, "insurance-responsible" behaviors that each of us can adopt for the greater good.