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The Short-Cut To Corporate Goal Achievement

A straight line is the shortest distance from one point to another. And so it is with goal achievement. We achieve goals faster without distractions and in an environment that supports the effort.

At VANTREO, we often refer to corporate culture as W.I.N., an acronym for “What Is Normal”.

A Judo Move to Stop Work Comp & Auto Insurance Claims

Workers compensation injuries and automobile insurance claims are the top two most invasive premium cost drivers in insurance today.

Distracted driving has become a cultural norm. And rather than preventing on-the-job injuries, most employers now expect them because they believe "accidents just happen".

Claim costs are skyrocketing.

The proven solution comes from within the organization. We call it the "judo move".

Here's how it works...

Important Household Help Insurance

Employees in the home are often considered “family”. They also see and hear things like family. Sometimes that information is used against the family when an employee feels he/she has been treated unfairly.


Unfair treatment

Claims such as invasion of privacy, wrongful dismissal, retaliation, discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, libel, slander or defamation of character often occur in employment situations.

Insurance Responsible Behaviors To Know Today

True “insurance” in life requires living responsibly…and yet, too many Americans allow their digital and personal freedoms to place them, the people around them, and the planet at risk.

Join VANTREO, and the amazing businesses we work with, to protect people and the earth by investing socially and environmentally when it comes to insurance.

Here are 5 simple, “insurance-responsible” behaviors that each of us can adopt for the greater good.

12 Ways to Maximize Your Personal Insurance Coverage

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing that insurance was available to cover a devastating loss but you just don't have it. Whether it's learning that you can't afford to rebuild your home, regretting not buying life insurance for a loved one, or realizing that you should have accepted the catastrophic coverage (like earthquake, windstorm, or flood) that you now need...uninsured loss can be heartbreaking.

How To Eliminate Expensive Workplace Drama Today!

Workplace drama is incredibly expensive. It's as wasteful and destructive as lighting millions of $100 bills on fire. 

This internally-generated drama destroys EBITDA (the key metric of a business's market value), and hands our business growth opportunities and profit to our competitors. 

So where does workplace drama come from and how do we get rid of it?

Workplace drama is rooted in a lack of "emotional intelligence"... something we all should have learned about in high school but most of us never did.