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FDA Releases Guidance Aiming To Cut Salt in Food Supply


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is asking food manufacturers and restaurants to cut the salt in their products over the next 2.5 years, hoping to reduce Americans' overall sodium intake by 12%. The goal of this new recommendation is to reduce the rates of heart disease across the country.

Keeping Pests Out of Your House This Fall

Keeping Pests Out of Your House This Fall


As fall and winter bring colder temperatures, the warm interior of your home can provide shelter, breeding spaces and access to nourishment for household pests. Any pest invasion—flies, rodents, squirrels, wasps, ants and various bugs—can cause property damage as well as health and safety hazards for any homeowner. Keep the following tips in mind when working to keep pests out of your home.

Cyber Update - Malicious Data Breaches Increased 55% in 2020

The number of malicious data breaches increased 55% from 2019 through 2020, driven by several high-profile breaches, according to Advisen data.

This spike reverses the downward trend in the previous few years, as bad actors searched for more lucrative options—namely ransomware. Time will tell if the spike in malicious data breaches during a period dominated by the pandemic will continue into the post-COVID world.

Important Dashboard Camera Considerations

Is using vehicles “non-optional” for your business? For many companies, it certainly is. Of course, doing so can also carry significant risk and exposure to financial loss and higher insurance premiums.

Drivers who engage in unsafe behaviors behind the wheel typically contribute to costly road incidents. Even if the organization’s drivers weren’t responsible for causing incidents, other motorists or pedestrians may still blame them. This results in excess legal expense and insurance issues for the organization.

How Much Loss of Business Income Insurance Is Enough?


Business income is an entity's net profit or loss, calculated as its revenue from all sources less the costs of doing business. Whether you are an international conglomerate or a small business, you are likely at risk should physical damage to your real or business personal property cause a loss of business income.



Top 5 Online Shopping Cyber Fraud Scams

The COVID-19 pandemic massively accelerated the growth of e-commerce. According to digital fraud prevention company, Sift, the amount of money spent by online shoppers nearly doubled between 2019 and 2020. However, amid the surge in online purchasing came an increase in fraud. In fact, the Consumer Sentinel Network, which is part of the Federal Trade Commission, received more than 2.1 million reports of fraud in 2020. Consequently, consumers lost a combined total of $3.3 billion from these fraud incidents.