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Is One Of Your Largest Assets Unprotected?

Accounts Receivable typically represents 40% of a company's assets and is the most vulnerable to unexpected loss. Credit insurance can protect businesses from losses and empower safe top line growth.


What is Credit Insurance?

Credit insurance coverage protects businesses from non-payment of commercial debt. It makes sure invoices will be paid and allows companies to reliably manage the commercial and political risks of trade that are beyond their control. It ensures that:

The 10 Top Health Care Buzzwords to Know

With a good understanding of 10 health care buzzwords, it will be easier to find an insurance plan that meets your needs-and fits within your budget.



The top 10 health care buzzwords to know...


Allowable Costs - Charges for health care services and supplies for which benefits are available under your health insurance plan.


How Any Business Can Give Samples To Get Customers

Imagine biting into a freshly-baked, still warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie. The outside is crisp...the inside soft. The dance of chocolate, brown sugar, and butter feels like a party in your mouth while the rich aroma fills the room.  This truly is one of the best cookies ever baked. You know it. Now imagine opening a shop dedicated to bringing this incredible experience to the world and finding that your future raving fans are not coming through the door.


Homeowners Insurance Basics Explained in 1:28 Minutes

The best time to learn about what's included in a basic homeowners insurance policy is

before you have a claim.


So to make sure we've covered the basics with you, we're including a short (actually 1:28 minute) video explanation.


A Cyber Phishing Email Every CEO Should Consider Sending Out

Imagine that one morning, this "phishing" email quietly shows up in the inbox of several employees that work for your company.  


At first glance it looks like it's from LinkedIn, and who doesn't trust LinkedIn, right?  


Well, let's look at it again...


Hmmm, the sender's address looks weird, and, gosh, I don't have Insurance Technology as a skillset listed on my LinkedIn... and, oh yeah, I don't use my work email address for LinkedIn. 


Something is up!


How Businesses Can Stop COVID-19 At The Door

A 7-year old stands at the backdoor. He pauses to remove his wet, muddy boots. As he cautiously manages the task, his 3-year old brother, who is equally muddy, runs past him into the house and onto the living room carpet, shouting "Hey Mom! I need a drink!"  Mud is everywhere.


Like muddy boots, the solution to COVID-19 spread is to stop it at the door.


We'd all like to believe that the people in our community understand the rules, and the importance of those rules, in preventing virus spread. Most people do and are doing what it takes.