Insurance Reimbursement for Pandemic Losses

Last week, famed Yountville restaurant owner, Thomas Keller, sued his insurer over refusal to cover pandemic losses. The story made headlines as business owners, many financially pummeled by the quarantines, began to ask, “What do we have to do to get reimbursed for our COVID-19 losses?”

Why doesn’t insurance cover it?

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Dr. David Price, Pulmonary Specialist and ICU Physician, Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, March 22, 2020


Coronavirus Scams and Criminal Activity

With all eyes focused on how the world gets through the pandemic, coronavirus scams and criminal activity accelerate at a rapid pace. Whether it’s the sale of fake test kits, fraudulent remedies, or simple hand-sanitizer and toilet paper theft, every COVID-19 crime preys on two things…our anxiety and our desire to be informed.

The Most Lucrative Coronavirus Crime

Coronavirus: Should We File an Insurance Claim?

The answer could be "yes". You probably should file a claim even if there may be no coverage to pay for your coronavirus related loss. 

Let us explain....

Property insurance including business income coverage

By far, the number one insurance question this week is...

Will our insurance cover our lost or reduced business income due to business interruption and extra costs related to the coronavirus?

"Shark" Loses $380,000 in Spear Phishing Cyber Attack

We are constantly reminded that no one is immune when it comes to cyber-crime.

Cyber Security: Ellen Talks About "Password" Protection Essentials

Some years ago, Ellen DeGeneres found a product on late-night television that she had to order. It’s a product to help consumers remember their online passwords. Check it out here… :)