Why We Became a B Corp

Insurance and risk management changes everything. Insurance dares us to take risk, to explore, to invent, to be strong and brave. Insurance is everywhere we look and it touches everything we do, safeguarding our dreams and aspirations.

Today, the risks that threaten our progress and future are changing. New social, environmental and governance issues are emerging and things as we know them are morphing as well. Successful risk management and insurance techniques must continually adapt to this change.

At VANTREO, we are committed to using corporate training, technology, and the business of insurance as a force for good. We learned that the work we are doing to eliminate workplace injuries, prevent insurance claims, empower middle-level managers to lead, and energize organizational culture is well-aligned with the goals of the B Corp community.

And that includes our "Protect You. Protect Them" commitment to share profits with kids in need as it relates to literacy, health, safety, and gang prevention.

VANTREO became a Certified B Corporation because we appreciate the structure and standards of the B Corp model as they free us to deliberately achieve both our corporate and eternal value goals.