As we come closer to the, much anticipated, “home stretch” to workplace re-entry, our attention turns to the policies and procedures we’ll need to have in place as the doors begin to open.

To save time, here’s a beginning… a quick overview of the steps that will drive this process.


How to Start Building a Plan for Workplace Re-entry


Track state or regional orders

Stay current on state and local orders including school and daycare closures.
Assign responsibility for daily review of


Organizational Analytics

Identify your high risk groups and locations.
Review the analytics and specific needs & modify re-entry protocols accordingly.


Establish Protocols

Keep up to date on health guidelines (social distancing, masks, cleanliness, etc.).
Address your vendor marketplace, workforce transportation, travel, and facility’s needs.


Written Strategy

Develop a written strategic re-entry plan that is evidence based.
Include a response plan for new COVID cases, employees exposed, and testing.



Have a plan in place for communicating and keeping employees updated.
Human connection is important.
Enhance written communications with online discussion and/or visual recorded messages.
Encourage questions.


Assess Behavioral Health Issues

Be prepared to provide emotional support resources and critical incident response.

For non-urgent strategy and hotlines, check out


Also, check out …OSHA’s Guidance Summary and the PDF 6-step checklist on How to Start Building a Plan for Workplace Re-entry.

We will keep you posted as templates for the written strategy become available.


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